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I reckon I’ll keep the first prize I selected thanks…


Are you sure you don’t want to pluck something out of my butt?


Is it a chicken or a cow?


I reckon it’s not Lucky the Cat.


It’s definitely not the Cash Cow or Foghorn Leghorn.


You’d be getting pretty agro if you don’t know.


It’s Plucka Duck.

Give me the f##kin’ car. :stuck_out_tongue:


You can pick it up from Ken Morgan Toyota. Good luck with that.








Disagree with the “we should choose if we are of sound mind” line. Unless someone has a better idea, I would think the best way would have to be is to go to court and prove to a judge that you are of a sound mind. This should greatly reduce the risk of someone taking advantage of an elderly or mentally deficient person for personal gain (which is a particular risk with euthanasia and would be unconscionable to allow this without checks and balances).





Neighbours actor Matt Wilson (Aaron) married fiancee Jessica Waters on Sunday, before just two of their friends according to today’s Herald Sun.


Sad news that Billy J Smith, Brisbane radio and TV personality has passed away. Also known nationally for It’s a Knockout he was first prominent as 4IP’s rugby league caller (at a time when the station didn’t have the rights to call game!). He appeared on Sports Scene on BTQ 7 then called rugby league for TVQ O and was their sports anchor for many years and also did breakfast radio with Jacki Mac.

A couple of clips