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Former Richmond star and current Channel Seven AFL expert, Matthew Richardson, married his long-time girlfriend Genevieve Halliday last weekend.


Conflicting messages going around about actress Carmen Duncan. Two days ago Woman’s Day published an interview about how she had beaten cancer again:

But now its on Twitter is that she has passed away

Though apparently this is surprising to some…

EDIT: News Corp states that they have confirmed from the family that sadly the news is true.

EDIT EDIT: It seems that Woman’s Day had been sitting on that interview for two years! It was published on Friday but now they’ve said it dated back to 2017. They’ve revised the article with a clarification:

Before her tragic passing, Aussie actress Carmen Duncan sat down with Woman’s Day in 2017 to talk about her health and her unbreakable bond with her sister…




Why would you sit on the interview for two years, that doesn’t make sense…


Maybe they ran two years ago and recycled it now. Other magazines recycle their stories and pics too,


Or perhaps at least make contact with the family before pushing it out online to make sure it’s still appropriate. I’m sure if they were asked they’d have said to hold off. Would have saved having to rush through a correction for context, and also avoid adding distress to the family at such a time.








Melbourne AFLW captain and Seven commentator Daisy Pearce has given birth to twins, a girl and a boy.


Two Sydney news presenters hatched on this day, February 18, in the 1960s- Cameron Williams and Sandra Sully.


…and Fergo’s 53rd will be on Friday!


Another bottle of moisturiser incoming!!


Who am I?

I was hatched on this day in 1989, although some say I may have been around as early as 1987.

I quickly gained popularity on television when I replaced a long running, fowl game show.

I was known for being incredibly rude to contestants, wreaking havoc and throwing massive tantrums on set, much to the dismay of the host.

I’ve been know to get into pub brawls with Marty Monster.

I got my own show in 1997 but it only lasted one season.

I once snuck into Lords without a ticket during The Ashes and played cricket with the Australian team.

I appeared on Carols By Candlelight in 2005 but did not sing.

I’m known to drive a Toyota but I’m also at home on a skateboard.