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Just 61 so sad.
I remember she was a big star in the 80’s with her role on A Country Practice then E Street.

I saw her in a drama on the ABC last year she had a minor role but she was a scene stealer in that.
Fabulous actress that will be missed.


This is such sad news. ACP was never an even slightly accurate depiction of Australian rural life but it was still a terrific show and she was one of its greatest highlights. She was great in Young Lions as well.

61 is no age, and cancer is evil.

RIP, Ms Cook, and thanks for the great memories.


Interestingly the regional Nine NSW bulletin led with the death of Penny Cook while Nine had it after sport.

ACP was such a big, iconic show of the 1980s and was loved by young and old. My grandparents would talk about it and kids at school would discuss it in the playground. More than a few kids would’ve pursued careers based on what they saw being portrayed in the show. The closest thing to it in recent years would be Packed to the Rafters. It’s sad that this style of family drama is no longer being produced.





So News writers don’t the difference between led and lead?


Actress Miranda Tapsell married TV writer James Colley at Maddens Plains, near Wollongong, on Friday.


Ruth Strauss (née McDonald) appeared in stage productions in Australia and Britain, as well as top-rating police series Blue Heelers (as Donna Wills in 1998 according to IMDb) and the 2003 film Watermark.




ONJ has weeks, not months to live as she battles cancer for the third time.


Apparently not according to her management.

Rather distasteful to go around spreading news liker this.


You posted a wrong link. :smiley:

News Corp contacted her management:



Thanks for updating. The link I had mentioned the original story started in National Enquirer, I understand they’re below the Daily Mail.


Olivia’s niece Tottie Goldsmith told Seven’s The Latest tonight that her aunt is not going anywhere and is totally fine.


Former Hi-5 member Charli Robinson gave birth to a girl named Kensington Claire just before 2018 came to an end.


Olivia released a Facebook video today wishing all her fans a happy new year and thanking everyone for their support and well wishes and addressing the ghoulish rumour,she is looking fabulous. :grinning:


load of bs:)


So have these same media outlets acknowledged that they contributed to this spreading of fake news barely 24 hours earlier.

Did none of them think, oh let’s put in a call to ONJ’s management to clarify this story? No, it’s a race for clickbait. And it’s no wonder people have less and less trust in the media anymore if they’re not even going to employ basic fact checking.