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Former AFL footballer and Fox Footy commentator Danny Frawley has died following a car accident, aged 56. Discussion on this story in the AFL thread.

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I heard on the news that Danny Frawley drove his ute along Old Melbourne Rd where the car left the road and hit a tree at 1:30pm (Victoria Time). He was the only person driving this car along the rural road.

Sad news this morning that Australian TV actor Paul Cronin died yesterday at the age of 81.

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One of my generation’s TV dads.

The Brisbane Lions will wear a second black armband during tonight’s match in honour of him, their inaugural chairman.

Thanks for that info, I’d been wondering why they were wearing the second armband and hadn’t heard it mentioned - it may have been when I was out of the room.

whenever i hear drive all i can think about is this video from live aid

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We missed this one from three days ago.

When I think of “Two Tickets To Paradise”, I think of this scene from The Simpsons.


Fashion icon Harry Watt dead at 82. His fasion label was Harry Who.

I remember the Harry Who label. It dressed Adriana Xenides when she co-hosted Wheel of Fortune on Seven.

David Combe was the ALP national secretary from 1973-1981.

Sad news especially for Simpsons fans.

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