MasterChef: Dessert Masters

Yeah I thought it was pretty good. I liked that they did it at night and had the pink lighting, which gave the show a different feel.

I’m not sure what the format will be but if it’s only going to be 10 episodes, would think that most from now on will end with eliminations?

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If you follow 10’s publicity highlights as posted by TV Cynic in the Ten Network schedules thread in the past two weeks, you can see that most episodes will have eliminations. I think there will be multiple eliminations in one episode so that two or three contestants will take part in the grand final, to be shown at the end of November.

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I was wondering if they might do some double eliminations especially early on (a bit like MasterChef Junior) so if a big name goes out first it doesn’t look as bad and there isn’t a last place. If they do that, also possible the first 2-3 eps don’t have eliminations.

First elimination is on Tuesday.

Really enjoyable show. So nice to see contestants in a competition be nice to each other. A good contrast to the manufactured angst on 7 and 9 shows! Hopefully the ratings go up after the 1st excellent episode.

MasterChef 2020 winner Emelia Jackson has revealed she was actually invited to compete on Dessert Masters, but had to turn it down after she was told that filming was starting on the due date of her second child. She is hopeful producers will call her up for season two next year.


Rhiann’s Chocolate Piggy Bank Was A Smash Hit And Miss.

Rhiann Mead Eliminated From Dessert Masters.

The first elimination of the season took place tonight and saw contestants pull out all the stops to avoid being the first chef to go home. Contestants had two and a half hours to create a dessert that was made to be smashed, before it was judged.

Anna and Andy were safe on the gantry after winning immunity at the last cook, and Reynold proudly donned his immunity pin, the only one of the season; leaving us guessing if he would play it or not.

After two mediocre cooks in the kitchen, Gareth was determined to impress. He decided to create the sugar glass dome as seen on Amaury’s own social channels. It was a huge risk but he was confident his practice would pay off. Upon plating, Melissa thought the dish looked beautiful and Amaury was happy to finally see Gareth’s work properly for the first time. Amaury smashed into the dome, breaking it like glass, keeping Gareth safe in the competition.

Jess had a tough cook which stemmed from a flawed concept. While she created a familiar tart dish, it didn’t meet the brief without a smash element. After chatting with the judges, she knew she had to make changes, but the pressure sent her on a downward spiral. Jess burnt her caramel twice and her tart shells crumbled. She added a chocolate disc with raspberry dust, hoping to get a chocolate crack and powdery dust effect but despite putting up a technically well executed dish, the smash effect was underwhelming and left her sitting among the bottom cooks.

Morgan was not ready to go home tonight and gave this challenge his all. He showed off his skills making a blown sugar apple that would smash to reveal other elements, but the pressure was well and truly on when he learned that Reynold was also making an apple dessert. Morgan spent an hour working on his blown sugar apples and while the dish he presented wasn’t as visually refined as Reynold’s, it still looked beautiful and gave a good smash. Amaury liked the craftmanship and the colour and Mel loved the satin sheen, but noted some inconsistencies.

Rhiann created a piggy bank but unfortunately was not the only one. Kirsten also created a pig, setting Rhiann up to be compared against the dessert queen herself. Amaury suggested a chocolate hammer and Rhiann rose to the challenge. While she was commended for her spirit, this choice ultimately set her back, not allowing enough time to finish the dish to a high standard. When they tasted, the judges found the thickness of her chocolate meant it didn’t eat well, nor did it smash well, which unfortunately sent Rhiann home.

What a shitty clickbait headline and byline… :roll_eyes:

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Exactly on another post recently I compared this site to the Daily Mail.


Season Final is Tuesday 28 November.

The challenge for the evening? A demanding two-course dessert service for 15 diners, plus the judges.



Morgan Puts His Dessert Masters Dream On Ice.

Morgan Hipworth Eliminated From Dessert Masters.

Tonight, our talented contestants entered the kitchen to find the one and only mystery box made entirely out of ice. Usually a mystery box offers freedom to experiment, but today’s challenge resulted in the competition’s second elimination.

Frozen inside the boxes were four ingredients, beetroot, red chili, rosella and berry liqueur. Each contestant had two hours to create a dessert that featured their chosen ingredient as a frozen element of the dish. Anna, Reynold and Andy were safe from elimination after winning immunity in the relay challenge, leaving Kirsten, Kay-Lene, Jess, Gareth, Adriano and Morgan to battle the cold.

Kay-Lene gave tonight’s cook everything she had. Taking a huge risk, she decided to use three of the ingredients from the mystery box, including chilli as suggested by Amaury. The final dish sparked pleasing curiosity from Mel, and admiration from Amaury who noted it was fresh, clean and very well-balanced.

Adriano’s flavour profile for the evening was beetroot, raspberry and… popcorn, which prompted him to home in on the movie concept of his dish. While Adriano appeared in control during his cook, Amaury had concerns that his vision wasn’t as clear in his head. While his dish looked great, and the judges agreed it was an ambitious concept, it fell apart in the tasting and the flavours were not up to the judges’ standards.

Gareth chose beetroot as his ingredient and made a bold and earthy ice cream. With many elements on the go, there was concern he wouldn’t plate up a finished dish, but his speed and determination resulted in a dessert that the judges adored. Amaury complimented the colour and appearance of the dish while Mel noted its sheer sophistication. The earthy ice cream paired with the other elements tied the flavours together to highlight the beetroot in an elegant way and the judges both agreed that Gareth had truly found his feet in the competition.

Morgan was feeling the nerves tonight but wasn’t ready to go home. He decided to do a take on a Peach Melba with a berry liqueur sorbet, but the judges questioned whether the concept would hit the brief with only one frozen element. Backing himself, Morgan was confident his sorbet had a strong enough flavour to allow the berry liquor to shine, but ran into trouble when it didn’t set. Upon tasting, the sorbet didn’t hold as well as he had hoped, and the berry liquor was too strong to complement the peach flavour. Morgan farewelled his peers, wishing them luck for the unpredictable cooks ahead.

Adriano’s Closing Credits Roll.

Adriano Zumbo Eliminated From Dessert Masters.

Tonight, our pastry stars were greeted with a movie board featuring a range of film titles, but instead of settling in for a rom-com, they had to face off in a movie-inspired elimination challenge.

In a thrilling plot twist, the chefs were informed that every challenge from this point of the competition would be an elimination. Tonight, Kirsten stood safely on the gantry while Reynold went into the cook donning his immunity pin.

The contestants each chose one of the film titles to use as inspiration for their dish, selecting between: Mission: Impossible; Star Trek; The Godfather; Transformers; Grease; Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Pretty In Pink. With two and a half hours to cook, the least impressive dish would be eliminated.

Kay-Lene picked Pretty In Pink and opted for a pink pavlova in the shape of an imperfect heart, symbolising teenage love. Mel and Amaury liked the concept but had concerns that it would be too sweet. Kay-Lene worked to balance her flavours and while the judges liked the finished dish, the texture of her jelly element was not right, putting Kay-Lene at risk of heartbreak.

Anna chose Breakfast At Tiffany’s, opting to make an afternoon tea spread that drew from the elegance of the film. It was an ambitious task given the timeframe and with only 30 minutes remaining on the clock, Anna had to forgo key elements of her dish as she rushed to bring together the final dessert. At tasting, Amaury complimented Anna’s bold decision to present a tasting menu that he considered to be well made and elegant. Melissa, however, wasn’t convinced the dish met the brief, leaving Anna to wonder if she’d be back for breakfast in the morning.

Reynold was happy to see Star Trek on the board and designed a plated dessert to look like Saturn where he ambitiously used one of Amaury’s own techniques to make its rings. With an hour to go, Reynold considered using his pin when his insert wouldn’t set, but he found himself back in a good place, deciding to keep the pin firmly on his chest. Mel noted that the dessert was not the most finessed dish they have seen from Reynold, and Amaury agreed he would not have recognised this dish as Reynold’s work. Thankfully, the stars aligned for Reynold tonight as taste trumped appearance and the perfectly executed chocolate work saved him from elimination.

Adriano’s dish was inspired by a scene in Grease, where the concept of the dish was to look like a classic diner milkshake. While he tried to focus on flavours, it was unmolding his cups that proved tricky. Upon tasting, Amaury could see that the cup was cracked but the judges respected that he pushed himself, noting that all the elements were good. However, at this point of the competition, Amaury and Mel were expecting a bit more Grease Lightning from Adriano who became the third chef to leave the kitchen.

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Melissa and Amaury look to be having a good time on the show with great on screen chemistry.


Sunday’s Curtis Stone Christmas challenge and Monday’s semi final will both be double elimination, leaving three contestants for Tuesday’s finale.

I was neither here nor there for this show, but ive really enjoyed it. I wish there were more episodes. Maybe some form of ‘Masterclass’ with them all showing what they can do outside of the pressure of the comp.

PS how pissed was the evictee last night…eeek.

Adriano did look very pissed off. It wasn’t a very gracious exit at all.

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Maybe Adriano could go and make a dessert reality show on 7. Oh wait, that’s been done. :grin: IMO he has been very disappointing on Dessert Masters.

Love this show and especially Anna and Reynold. Anna for her humour, and Reynold for his artistry. Would like one of these two to win.

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