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No but if it were really profitable how it was they wouldn’t have killed the golden goose as someone put it. 10 would have paid the judges and not messed with the format.

Except that the show already had low ratings this year so Ten felt that giving the judges a pay rise was not warranted. George, Gary and Matt got too greedy and I am glad they are gone.

If next years season is a all star season with former contestants over the past eleven series returning. What will happen to all the people who applyed to be on next years season then?

My point exactly if you read the posts… if it were a golden goose they wouldn’t have changed it up…

And like I said it was a golden goose up until this year.

And I wasn’t talking about previous years shows. The comment I was replying to was about 10 ruining a golden goose and how it was really profitable… Perhaps read all the comments first.

I have read all the comments. It wouldn’t be continuing if it wasn’t producing a profit for Ten and before this year the show had really good ratings. Maybe we should stop now this conversation is going around in circles.

Yeah I think this conversation should stop. But you aren’t understand the jist of the conversation. My conversation was in relation to the golden goose comment. Which I am asking if is actually true. Because if the show was really making that much of a profit they wouldn’t get rid of the judges or shake up the format. My comment wasn’t just is it making a profit. Of course it is, and even if it wasn’t it gives shows around it a pick up etc. My comment was based around the golden goose comment which you haven’t really understood from what I can see.

You are glad they’re gone because you thought their time was up / just didn’t like them anymore? Or purely because of the rumoured pay dispute?

Because if the latter that’s a bit unfair, it’s been very sketchy and mixed reporting as to what went down, plus Matt and Gary are as friendly as they come, never did anything to alienate or get media talking negative at all (okay, there was the Marco Pierre White thing, but c’mon)

They won’t be cast. Obviously.

Possibly the quality of the applicants is down so they think it’s best to take a year break from normal casting so they have a bigger pool to choose from the following year. Shows like X Factor in the UK are doing the same, taking a year off normal contestants (as the talent pool is weakening) and doing a Celeb X factor this year which means by the time the next normal season comes around it would have been 2 years and there is probably a bigger pool of people to choose from.

I just read the comments on Twitter from the show’s fans in Britain regarding the new judges. It’s roughly 50-50: half said they would not watch again, the other half said they wanted to give the judges a chance.

I think overseas is where it might take a hit with new judges as they seem to have a bit of a fanbase. However in Australia it did need a shake up and some fresh new faces so they’ve done the right thing.

In all honesty I don’t know anything about these judges apart from Andy and I think it’s great to have a successful winner on there. I’m also just happy to see a female on there regardless of who it is.

Reckon Melissa will be a great judge - loved her personality when she did The Chef’s Line on SBS

I’m not familiar with Melissa, but just judging by the interviews she had done so far I think she brings a fresh face and a bit of a quirky personality to the show - also good that she has had prior TV experience hosting a show and can bring a different food perspective from Andy & Jock.

More the former. I am glad they are gone because the show had gotten stale and was in need of a shake up.

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It’s almost like Today, where they’ve ‘blown the show up’ and it’s just too much for many viewers @JohnsonTV.

I get that they were negotiating as a trio with their own company, but you can never say never. They could’ve been a way to lure/keep one or both of Matt and Gary, I mean money talks and that was something they were reportedly wanting, CBS are loaded too.

Were they really worth the extra money with the mediocre ratings the show got this year?

The ratings weren’t terrible though, at a time when it’s so hard to get many FTA linear viewers

Not this again… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

CBS may indeed have money, but they didn’t get to that place by frivolously spending it on maintaining the status quo and just re-singing talent at whatever cost if it wasn’t in theirs or the shows best interests.

The fact of the matter is that they were all pretty unanimous in their reasons for walking away, time & filming conflicts and having the opportunity to do other projects being among them.


I haven’t really commented on the new judges yet… whilst the trio are fairly unknown generally speaking, I think they absolutely look the part - really fresh faced and personable. Jock has a great presence and brings the credentials, Andy is a known factor and has proven himself both on the show and in his professional career post show… Melissa seems quite camera savvy as well though I haven’t seen her in anything to judge… I will absolutely give this a shot… Gary, George and Matt were fairly unknown with only George having some exposure via Ready, Steady, Cook.

For me though, the bigger concern is All-Stars… will reserve judgement but All-Stars to me seems like a safe bet from 10 given the fact the show is already changing with a new set of judges they played it safe by bringing back past favourite contestants to bring an air of familiarity to the show… that way the new judges can ease into the gig with a little more ease.

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