Master Antenna TV Systems (Hospitals, Hotels, etc)

The FTA channels start from ABC HD (channel 20), then the usual range of channels until 9Gem HD (channel 95), then:
Channel 100: 10 HD
Channel 101: 10Peach
Channel 102: 10Bold

There are no SD channels of ABC, Seven, Nine or 10.

Yes the TV has a working EPG.


Why the hell is 9Gem HD STILL labelled as Extra in your hotel?

A good compromise, although I wonder if it would have just been easier numbering the Foxtel channels from 100 onwards to avoid having to renumber 10’s channels.

Extra points to the installer for not bothering to remap 10 SD, too!


Don’t know why, but it is indeed 9Gem HD.


Surely by now you know that most MATV systems are installed in a cupboard or room somewhere and left alone until something fails or they need upgrading. Hotel owners and managers aren’t obsessed with channel information, nor are 99% of the tenants, so only us TV geeks notice these things. There’s no need to act so surprised when you see little inconsistencies like this.


I checked out the Mater entertainment system again today. In addition to the screen with the TV channels, there is a radio station screen plus a streaming service screen - you need to have your own private log-in but that screen included Netflix and Stan plus SBS On Demand. There was also a page that had Facebook and


I heavily recall back during a family holiday to the Gold Coast, the park I stayed at had a MATV system with a lot of Foxtel channels. I recall watching TLC and the Box Office preview channel there, and I recall you could preview channels when searching through the guide.

As usual, I’ve forgotten the name of that park so could somebody help me?

There’d be dozens of them…

Whereabouts on the Gold Coast?

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Just gonna dig out the old family book… It’s Tallebudgera

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Staying in Sydney for a few nights at Fraser Suites in the city, which has a dated looking 32 inch Phillips LCD TV which has odd looking graphics and is all SD only, with a thick bezel, blacks that look very grey and still has TEN Digital, One and Eleven as the LCN names, though at least 7flix and 9Life are present, and the correct LCN numbers.

It has a decent selection of FOXTEL and overseas channels, also with mostly correct LCNs as well, but the channel names aren’t quite correct with eg. “501 FOX Sports 1HD” instead of FOX Cricket but only shows the SD channel.


Currently staying at a hotel in Canberra, TV has all digital channels but does not support MPEG4. Foxtel channels are surprisingly delivered via DVB-T but is in 4:3 and analog.

This is a list of the extra channels (after a rescan):
501- “Fox Sports 1”, no video/audio
502- “Fox Sports 2”, showing Fox League
503- “Fox Sports 3”, showing Fox Sports 503
504- “Sky News”, no video/audio
505- “Nat Geographic”, no video/audio
506- “Arena”, showing Fox Footy
507- “Universal”, showing ESPN
508- “In House DVD”, no video/audio
509- “CNN”, displaying “No satellite signal”
510- “Showcase”, showing Fox Showcase
511- “Discovery”, showing Discovery
512- “BBC Know”, displaying “upgrade your subscription” on BBC First
517- “Disney”, displaying “No satellite signal”
518- "Comedy, showing Comedy Channel
519- “Nick - Jr”, displaying “upgrade your subscription” on Nick Jr
520- “Lifestyle”, displaying “No satellite signal”


That’s so bad. Out of all those Foxtel channels, only 5 are showing what they’re meant to show. It’s tempting to speak to management and offer to fix it for a free night’s accommodation.


I offered to fix a bad system at a small hotel in Port Douglas once. Nowhere near as bad as Petarko’s experience. But even though I could see all the STBs sitting behind reception they said they had their own “technician” and that was that.

I guess staff at reception couldn’t care less about such “trivial” things when it’s hard enough to run a hotel. And you can bet only we perfectionists would complain about such things. The only time the average guest would complain about the TV offerings would be if they couldn’t watch the football/cricket on whatever OTA station was broadcasting it. Even if it was in SD and stretched 4:3. Shudder!


Staying at the Metro on Canning in Perth for a few days. Digital FTA channels are as expected, nothing missing, but the Foxtel channels on offer are interesting.

101 FoxSp1 (showing smartcard error for Fox Sports 506 SD)
102 FoxSp2 (Fox League HD)
103 FoxSp3 (Fox Sports 503 HD)
104 Fox_Footy (in HD)
105 CNN
106 SKYNEWS (in HD)
108 ARENA (in HD)
110 SHOWCASE (in HD)
111 NATGEO (in HD)
112 NICK
355 FSP1 (same smartcard error as 101)
356 FS2 (Fox League SD)
357 FSP3 (Fox Sports 503 SD)
358 Fox Footyt (in SD)
359 Fox8 (in SD)
360 Arena (in SD)
361 Universal (in SD)
362 Showcase (in SD)

Channel names are as they appear. Not my spelling! Also no EPG for any of them.


I was in Wollongong Private Hospital this morning and one thing I happened to notice while I was there was that the NBN logo (the pre-2016 one) was used for Aspire on their TV system, strangely enough. I would have liked to have taken a picture of it, but it obviously wasn’t the right time or place to have done so.


Wow. That’s exciting for you…

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DigitalDan posted:
Wow. That’s exciting for you…

Was there need for the sarcasm? Maybe unlike yourself, I don’t visit hospitals or hotels on a regular basis, so seeing the logo of a channel that isn’t even receivable here seemed noteworthy. Please enlighten us all on all of your observations of the many hospital and hotel TV systems which i’m sure you’ve seen…


Do you mean the NBN Newcastle logo was used for Aspire (LCN 56 there I think) as an MATV system channel identifier?

That’s totally bizarre…


Just before Christmas, family member in Greenslopes Hospital in I guess what’d you call inner south Brisbane.

An outdated channel list which besides FTAs, didn’t match up.

About 15 Foxtel channels, most not matching the channel names. No news channels despite a couple listed.

Radio was interesting, all analogue, off the air reception. 612 ABC as 4QR, 4BC, B105 and ABC Classic.

There were some genre specific music audio channels, unbranded, within the hospital.

Also a very dated ‘TV’ channel for the hospital.

It’s clear that like so many MATV systems we observe here, it hasn’t been updated in a long time.

PQ of Foxtel channels were ok, but not great. Analogue radio reception was crystal clear, but I am surprised they haven’t moved to DAB+ reception.

The music only, in house channels were fine for sound quality, no artefacts.

The in house TV channel had bad PQ.

It appears there was good investment on the whole when the system was set up but it hasn’t continued since.


When I was in Canberra Hospital for a week early last year I didn’t use the small television that was almost on the ceiling at the foot of the bed. Instead I used the ACT Health WiFi and just streamed on my phone.

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