Married at First Sight

Episode 7

To mark the next stage in the experiment, our newlyweds are taking a big step in their relationship – moving in together. This year the experiment has moved into a brand new Skye Suites, the most luxurious love nest the experiment has ever seen; allowing our couples to relax and bond like never before.

Whilst our couples unpack in their new digs, they debrief about the Dinner Party last night. Lauren and Jonathan discuss the revealing article that has surfaced about Jack’s previous relationship. Lauren doesn’t believe a word Jack has said and smells a rat. Meanwhile, down the hall, Jack tells his wife Tori, that he did not appreciate Lauren “quacking on the other side of the table” while he was speaking to the group.

The Experts waste no time announcing that it’s Confessions Week, and first up, it’s the Letter Writing task, where our couples are asked to open up to their partner and reveal something personal.

Lovebirds Eden and Jayden are first to take on the task. Jayden is concerned that revealing a dark secret from his past may ruin what has so far been a perfect marriage. Despite this, Jayden decides to tell Eden leaving Eden shocked and concerned about the future of their relationship.

Unable to come to terms with Jayden’s shocking confession, Eden turns to fellow bride Sara for her perspective on the revelation. Sara is equally shocked and if Tim revealed such a thing, she would be out the door. Comforted by Sara’s reaction - Eden needs time to think about her future with Jayden.

The surprises keep coming, with a late check in on move in day. After announcing to everyone at last night’s Dinner Party that she was leaving the experiment – Natalie has returned much to her husband Collins’ surprise. She is ready to give their relationship another shot. However, when Natalie asks Collins if he is ready to try again – Collins is unsure.

Next up – The Phone Swap Task. Lauren and Jonathan are the first to do the task and hilariously Lauren scrolls through her husband’s phone demanding to know “who the hell is cab charge!?’. The couple realise they trust one another and fly through the task unscathed.

Then it’s Tori and Jack’s turn to hand over their phones, and after the article controversy at last night’s Dinner Party, this task gives Tori the perfect opportunity to do some investigating. Much to Tori’s surprise, she discovers images of Jack proposing to his ex-fiancé. Jack wishes he vetted his phone more thoroughly before coming into the experiment and a disappointed Tori requests that he goes through his phone and delete the images in question.

Across the hall, the Phone Swap Task gives Andrea more reassurance when Richard shows her a text from his ex-girlfriend who tells Richard that he can no longer call her “sweetie” as it is disrespectful to his new wife. Andrea is excited that his ex has her back and that he still has a good relationship with her, which says a lot about his character.

Next, we drop into Lucinda and Timothy’s apartment. Although there is clear chemistry between the two, Timothy’s slow burn approach to relationships is no match for the speed of the experiment, nor Lucinda’s constant line of questioning to get to know her husband better. Lucinda’s inquisitive nature continues well into the evening and the subject of likes and dislikes in the bedroom come up. For Lucinda she’s keen to get to know Timothy’s wants and needs, but for Timothy he’d prefer to go to bed and finish the conversation quickly.

The daunting Photo Ranking Task is back and while some couples throw themselves into the task, Timothy has his reservations and refuses to do it. He places Lucinda’s photo alone on the table and tells her she is his wife and that he is only interested in her. Lucinda looks relieved and thanks him.

Next, it’s Richard’s turn to do the photo ranking task. Richard excitedly starts placing the other wives in order of attractiveness – all while his wife Andrea watches on. Wanting to do the task as openly and honestly as possible, Richard places Andrea equal third in the line-up. Andrea’s heartbreak is palpable, “everyone hopes that their partner only has eyes for them.” She no longer feels secure and her love bubble in this experiment with Richard has burst.

How are we all finding this season so far?

Pretty boring.

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Same sh*t, different faces! :slightly_smiling_face: Wasn’t going to watch but do a quick catchup after Survivor.

Episode 8

Our couples are halfway through Confessions Week and the tasks keep on coming from the Experts.

For Andrea, the marital bliss she has been experiencing has hit a rough patch after her husband Richard placed her equal third in attractiveness during the Photo Ranking Task. Sensing her disappointment, Richard vows to make things right with her.

Eden and Jayden have also been on shaky ground, having not spoken to one another since Jayden’s shocking confession which left Eden feeling worried about Jayden’s reactionary decision making in their relationship.

Working through their relationship, Natalie and husband Collins come together to take on the Photo Ranking Task, where Collins places his wife at the top of the list above all the other brides. Natalie is confused, sensing Collins isn’t being entirely honest with her and is disappointed when she questions his intentions.

Ellie and Ben have gone from strength to strength throughout the experiment, but things take a turn for the couple with the introduction of the Values Task. Ellie, who has always wanted to be a Mum places family orientated values at the top of her list, while husband Ben places family much lower worrying Ellie that they could be on completely different pages.

Lucinda and Timothy are also given the Values Task, and although a majority of their values align, ‘good in bed’ is the one that stands out for Lucinda, while it’s low on Timothy’s list.

The subject of intimacy comes up again for Timothy when Lucinda questions him as to why he doesn’t show her any affection. Timothy tells his wife that she reminds him of his dog Matilda, who is very needy, leaving Lucinda hurt and wanting to take a step back in their relationship.

Across the hall, Cassandra and Tristan take on the Confessions Letter Task. Tristan reveals to his wife how he has struggled with weight issues in the past, which gives Cassandra a better insight into her husband and explains his insecurities within their relationship.

Cassandra and Tristan decide to get some fresh air and touch base on the subject of intimacy. Tristan agrees he needs to put more effort in and they share their first kiss.

Lauren and Jonathan receive the Photo Ranking Task and her savage comments about some of the grooms make Jonathan laugh. When it’s Jonathan’s turn to rank the brides, Lauren becomes frustrated with his overuse of the word “lovely”. In the end they both place each other at the top of their lists, with Lauren saying it’s not because of his personality.

After agreeing to back off a bit, Lucinda is frustrated that Timothy would rather spend time in front of the television than with her. Sensing the tension in the air, Timothy confronts Lucinda who tells him that she’s not seeing any effort from him at all. The conversation makes Timothy uncomfortable and he asks to leave the room.

The final Confessions Letter Task is given to Sara and Tim. Tim recounts to Sara how he had been cheated on by his ex-girlfriend which has resulted in him developing trust issues. Sara, who had also been cheated on in the pact can sympathise. Tim is glad his wife understands the significance of his trust issues, however when the Phone Swap Task arrives and Sara refuses to do it, Tim suspects that Sara is hiding something.

Tori and Jack are given the Photo Ranking Task. Jack, who on the honeymoon admitted he wasn’t sexually attracted to Tori, places his wife first after asking her to convince him she’s the hottest. Tori is confident in their relationship, admitting she has no insecurities within their relationship, and that it would take a real asshole to convince her otherwise.

Episode 9 First Commitment Ceremony

As Confessions Week draws to a close, the couples face the next phase of the experiment: the very first Commitment Ceremony. While some couples look forward to celebrating their newfound connections, others are steeling themselves for some stern feedback from the experts, or facing the difficult decision of whether to stay and work on their relationship or leave the experiment for good.

The first couple on the couch, TRISTAN and CASSANDRA arrive with a burst of energy, but the mood quickly shifts as TRISTAN declares his feelings of self-loathing. CASSANDRA admits her husband’s self-doubt causes her to pull away. TRISTAN resolves to challenge his negative self-talk with some advice from the experts and CASSANDRA and TRISTAN reveal they have chosen to stay for another week of the experiment.

LUCINDA and TIMOTHY discuss their struggle to reconcile their differing needs for affection. Despite their differences, both TIMOTHY and LUCINDA insist they feel attracted to one another. After TIMOTHY agrees to work on showing LUCINDA more affection, both reveal they have written stay.

When TORI and JACK take their seat on the couch, expert John wastes no time in addressing the article about JACK’s ex-girlfriend, demanding answers about when the relationship ended. Despite JACK’s attempts to deflect John’s inquiries, JACK reluctantly admits that he was still in a relationship whilst meeting with the experts. A defensive TORI insists she is unphased by this revelation, but when TORI reveals that she and JACK have yet to be intimate, the experts are confused as their body language says otherwise. Uninterested in the thoughts of the group, JACK and TORI reveal they have written stay.

As SARA and TIM take their place on the couch, SARA is quick to take the lead in recounting their journey thus far, speaking on behalf of TIM – a dynamic the experts are quick to notice. A hesitant TIM reluctantly admits he finds SARA intimidating and outlines his doubts about her honesty after she firmly refused to participate in the phone swap task. After agreeing to work on their communication, both SARA and TIM reveal they want to stay in the experiment for another week.

ELLIE and BEN begin their couch session with a glowing review of their first two weeks, however expert Alessandra senses something amiss, prompting ELLIE to reveal their starkly different stances on family and having children. BEN confuses Alessandra with a series of vague answers about his plans for children, but eventually admits to being in two minds about fatherhood. Despite this revelation both agree to remain in the experiment and heed Alessandra’s advice to continue discussing their future.

LAUREN and JONATHAN unpack their hot/cold relationship. With the help of expert Mel, JONATHAN and LAUREN recognise that LAUREN’s tendency to deflect deep conversations with jokes and sarcasm causes JONATHAN to retreat, triggering a negative cycle in their relationship. LAUREN agrees to be more open with JONATHAN, and both agree to stay for another week.

EDEN and JAYDEN are still reeling in the aftermath of JAYDEN’s confessions letter, which detailed an act of revenge on his cheating ex-girlfriend. While the experts are left shocked by JAYDEN’s story, expert John praises EDEN’s calm and mature handling of the situation. And while EDEN reiterates her disapproval of JAYDEN’s actions, she reveals she is willing to give him a chance to prove he has changed. Both EDEN and JAYDEN remain in the experiment for another week.

NATALIE and COLLINS begin their couch session by addressing NATALIE’s decision to leave the experiment at the last Dinner Party. NATALIE recounts feeling isolated at the Dinner Party and then reveals her deep doubts about her husband COLLINS’ authenticity. COLLINS admits to not showing his wife affection, but becomes defensive and combative with expert John when asked how he could begin to build a connection with NATALIE. NATALIE reveals she would like to leave the experiment, but after a long and emotionally charged deliberation, COLLINS reveals he has chosen to stay for another week, meaning they will both remain in the experiment to work on their relationship.

The final couple on the couch ANDREA and RICHARD delight the experts and the group with mutually glowing reviews of their relationship. After impressing the other couples, both ANDREA and RICHARD reveal, to no surprise, that they want to remain in the experiment. RICHARD closes out the evening’s proceedings by advising the other couples to actively choose each other.

There have been over the years many weird, wonderful and strange people on this show but this guy Collins must be the strangest and weirdest of the lot. Natalie should sue the makers of MAFS and 9 for what they are putting her through a short time after her father’s death. Surely “experts”, “producers” knew this was never going to work. Good to see in their preview that she walks out later this week.

Episode 10

In the fallout after the first Commitment Ceremony, SARA is disappointed with husband TIM for throwing her under the bus about the phone swap task. Although TIM is remorseful, he stands by the fact that her reaction made him feel uneasy.

LUCINDA tries to talk to husband TIMOTHY about what happened during their couch session. She cannot understand how TIMOTHY can claim to be the ‘slow-burn’ guy when RICHARD revealed that at the bucks night TIMOTHY told all the guys that he would sleep with his bride on the first night. LUCINDA’s endless prodding causes TIMOTHY to storm out and he doesn’t return until later that night when the two make amends.

TORI and JACK debrief about their night on the couch, where JACK was grilled by the experts about being in a relationship whilst applying for the experiment. Despite not being entirely happy with the circumstances of his previous relationship, TORI is content to move on with JACK.

As a new day dawns, NATALIE and COLLINS wake up in separate apartments, after NATALIE wrote leave at their first Commitment Ceremony. Deciding to take the experts advice, COLLINS pays NATALIE a visit to prove to her that he is willing to fight for their relationship. However, NATALIE does not agree and is ready to leave the experiment. After saying one final awkward goodbye to COLLINS she packs her bags and leaves.

It’s time for the next phase of the experiment: Intimacy Week, but while some of the couples share their excitement with this week’s unveiling, not all are jumping with joy when they receive expert ALESSANDRA’s tasks. While LAUREN and JONATHAN push through awkwardness to complete their genital cupping task, RICHARD confesses he adores ANDREA during their eye gazing task, and to TORI’s horror JACK reveals more kinks than anticipated in their yes, no, maybe task. LUCINDA and TIMOTHY appear to have a breakthrough during their eye gazing exercise however it’s not long before they are off the rails again, resulting in an intervention by expert ALESSANDRA.

Later, LAUREN and JONATHAN attempt to complete the eye gazing task with disastrous consequences. Even the listening task cannot get them back on track as they erupt into an all-mighty argument that leaves them in grid lock.

Episode 11

As Intimacy Week continues, ELLIE and BEN are in disarray as their date night has gone horribly wrong when BEN mocked ELLIE. Across the hall, TIM is hoping Intimacy Week is what he and SARA need to get things back on track after falling out during Confessions Week. Luckily, a successful eye gazing task leaves them feeling very much closer.

As expert ALESSANDRA continues to assign various intimacy tasks to the couples, EDEN loves being behind the camera for a sexy photoshoot that JAYDEN dresses up for her. While down the hall, JACK and TORI are tasked with the genital cupping exercise, which TORI hopes might help them finally consummate their marriage.

ALESSANDRA has invited both the brides and the grooms to separate group intimacy workshops, so they can garner new information to implement and strengthen their relationships. At the grooms’ workshop, RICHARD reveals how extremely compatible he and ANDREA are. Meanwhile JACK admits he doesn’t have much sexual energy with his wife, leaving TIMOTHY shocked and concerned for TORI who is clearly smitten.

ALESSANDRA asks BEN if he is on the same page as ELLIE regarding children and he squirms. ALESSANDRA encourages BEN to make this decision as it needs to be a priority: it could be a deal breaker for ELLIE.

At the brides’ workshop, CASSANDRA explains she and TRISTAN are at a cooler temperature than normal because of his moods. SARA talks glowingly about her relationship with TIM, and ELLIE tells the group BEN mocked her. ALESSANDRA and the other brides are shocked by this revelation and ALESSANDRA says she is very much looking forward to having a chat with BEN at the next Commitment Ceremony.

Later that evening, while the other couples enjoy some marital aids provided by ALESSANDRA, BEN tells ELLIE that he has had an epiphany about his desires for the future and she is delighted.

The next day, JACK and TORI are tasked with a five minute make out session, to make one another feel desired. TORI is excited by this task as she feels their sexual chemistry is undeniable – does JACK feel the same way? After hearing CASSANDRA speak about the intimacy issues in her relationship with TRISTAN, ALESSANDRA decides it’s time for an intervention.

As the end of Intimacy Week approaches it’s time for the couples to enjoy some romantic dates, but for TIM and SARA the result is dire.

Episode 12 - Second Dinner Party

It’s been two weeks since the beginning of the experiment, and the couples are getting ready for their second Dinner Party. For some couples like ANDREA and RICHARD, Intimacy Week has only strengthened their growing bond. Whereas for others, Intimacy Week has put a spotlight on growing issues; particularly for one couple, SARA and TIM who are getting ready separately following a fight after SARA cancelled on the third date in a row with TIM.

For BEN and ELLIE, Intimacy Week has been a rollercoaster, and after ELLIE revealed that BEN mocked her at dinner to the girls at Alessandra’s workshop, she’s particularly nervous about the potential wrath BEN might receive from the girls tonight.

For TORI & JACK, the couple couldn’t be in a better place after Intimacy Week, but there are some people in the group who don’t believe TORI and JACK are going as well as they make out to be. After randomly running into TORI in the street, TIMOTHY declared that he doesn’t believe JACK and TORI’s relationship is real – and TORI is still fuming.

After a silent car ride, a tense SARA and TIM are first to enter the Cocktail Party with their issues still unresolved. Once TORI arrives, the brides are quick to gather around her as she reveals that she ran into an opinionated TIMOTHY, and declares that she’s prepared to go head to head with him if he has anything to say about her relationship with JACK.

LUCINDA and TIMOTHY arrive, and the icy reception from TORI is not lost on TIMOTHY. Once ELLIE and BEN arrive, the brides are quick to pull ELLIE aside and get a status update on her relationship with BEN. ELLIE reveals to the girls that she stayed a night in a separate room after BEN asked her if she really thinks they’re each other’s match. After a negative reaction from the girls, ELLIE goes into damage control, impressing to the girls that BEN has made up for his wrong doings, and that they’re in a good place now. But the girls are struggling to believe this and declare that they want to question him at dinner.

Once dinner is served, LAUREN is quick to call BEN out – the girls gather around and start to grill BEN on his relationship with ELLIE, calling him out on his inconsistent feelings about having children. ELLIE explains what happened over the weekend and justifies BEN’s behaviour, only infuriating the group more.

Once the group simmer down, TORI clocks TIMOTHY’s jaded behaviour towards the happy couples in the group, herself included, and calls him out on his comments over the weekend, sparking a fight between the two.

TIMOTHY declares that he’s allowed to have an opinion, and his is that he struggles to believe TORI and JACK are a real couple due to the fact that they haven’t slept together yet. A furious TORI fires back that TIMOTHY doesn’t even like his own wife. Caught in the crossfire, a humiliated LUCINDA admits that she’s not even sure if TIMOTHY is the right guy for her.

Attention turns to a loved-up CASSANDRA and TRISTAN, who tell the group they’re going well after a troubling Intimacy Week. TRISTAN reveals he bought CASSANDRA a big bunch of flowers in the morning, and is doing his best to get out of his comfort zone every day and try.

TIM reveals to the group that he was disappointed that SARA cancelled on the third date in a row with him. SARA immediately goes on the defence, declaring that she was not in a good place to go on a date. TIM tries numerous times to speak up but is constantly spoken over by SARA. TIM reaches breaking point and raises his voice to defend himself, after SARA says that he didn’t even plan a real date. SARA storms off upset and shouting, and the girls are quick to gather around and console her. TIM is immediately regretful, and confides in TORI, admitting his wrongdoing and proclaiming that he needs to apologise to SARA. TIM pulls SARA aside, and apologises for his behaviour and for raising his voice, but SARA is unwilling to forgive and forget, telling TIM that he needs to speak up more often. SARA storms off, announcing that she wants to leave the Dinner Party.

This has been an interesting season so far. I know it’s still very early but usually the drama centres around a few core contestants but there is a lot of drama brewing at the moment across the board.

Ben, Sara, Collins and Jack - all fake fake fake.

Sara has to be the most annoying this season. I really can’t stand her, the way that she speaks to people and thinks she’s better than anyone else. Tim needs to run. He seems like a good guy and the way that she just shuts everything off with him is getting pathetic.

Ben is also completely fake and like Collins, clearly trying to say anything to extend his time there. Given he was in consideration for the Bachelors previously, I love that he’s being called out for being fame hungry and everything that he says not adding up.

Also wtf was with Collins? What a bizarre person. I loved the comment from Natalie that he was talking to her like he was putting on an Oscar performance, or on Home and Away or Neighbours (and being an extremely bad at his acting too).

Add Tori into this mix. She’s 100% acting.

I havn’t really liked her either but I did like that she was one of the few girls that stood up a bit for Tim last night (Go Cassandra too - what a gem she is!). Although yes the situation with her and Jack has the whole Bronte/Harrison feel about it.

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Yes that was good! I also liked Jonathon and Tim trying to make Tristan feel good about himself.

How fun is Lucinda. I love her.

She’s great but has been given a dud. She has had some of the funniest lines, like when she said to Timothy that “You have boobs too!”. I also cracked up when Alessandra visited them and she goes to her “Would you like a tea, coffee or coconut water?”. The coconut water comment just got me because it’s such a Lucinda thing to say! :joy:


Do we recognise ‘Madeleine’?

It’s actress Maddy Jevic who has played roles in Wentworth, Home & Away and Upper Middle Bogan.


But MAFS insist they don’t hire actors for their “reality” show.

Episode 13 - Second Commitment Ceremony

It’s the morning of the second Commitment Ceremony and tonight, the couples will make the important decision to stay in the experiment or leave their marriages for good.

Following last night’s chaotic dinner party, TORI and JACK are furious with TIMOTHY, who claims their relationship is fake. LUCINDA is feeling humiliated due to TIMOTHY’s erratic behaviour and ELLIE is having doubts after the girls interrogated BEN about his hurtful behaviour towards ELLIE. Meanwhile, after their explosive argument at the dinner table, SARA and TIM’s relationship has been left in tatters. The pair are staying in separate apartments and haven’t spoken since the Dinner Party last night.

The first couple on the couch is ELLIE and BEN. After a rough week where BEN mocked ELLIE and said she wasn’t ‘his match’, ELLIE is concerned about BEN’s inconsistent behaviour. BEN has apologised and vows to do better, and also reveals he is ready to have children, which has been a sticking point in their relationship so far. They both decide to stay.

For TORI and JACK the couch is an opportunity to ask TIMOTHY for an apology after he called their relationship ‘fake’. TIMOTHY however, has no regrets about his comments and stands by the accusations. Despite this, TORI and JACK are feeling stronger than ever, and while they still haven’t had sex, Intimacy Week only brought them closer together. They’re looking forward to building a future together and they both decide to stay.

Next on the couch are LUCINDA and TIMOTHY. LUCINDA is feeling humiliated after TIMOTHY’s behaviour at last night’s Dinner Party. She feels like the whole experiment has been a trying process for her, and she’s now in the observation seat, trying to determine if this relationship is for her. TIMOTHY admits to being a ‘disaster’ and that he has lots of walls up and baggage to unpack. LUCINDA says she needs TIMOTHY to show some effort if she’s going to stick around. They both commit to giving it another week.

ANDREA and RICHARD are still going strong. RICHARD professes they ‘did intimacy week before Intimacy Week’ and proceeds to humiliate ANDREA with further comments about their sex life. Although ANDREA is embarrassed by his comment in the moment, the pair are in a good place. EDEN says that Intimacy Week helped her to build trust in JAYDEN, and she has a ‘big crush’ on him. And for CASSANDRA and TRISTAN an up and down week has ended on an up, though CASSANDRA is still hoping for more affection. All three couples choose to stay.

LAUREN and JONATHAN had a challenging Intimacy Week. LAUREN acknowledges that her behaviour is pushing JONATHAN away, and even though she can see all the great things about JONATHAN, she’s still finding herself sabotaging the relationship. Expert John helps her to understand this pattern and she commits to ‘focusing on the good things’ in the week ahead. The pair both choose to stay.

The final couple on the couch are SARA and TIM. Their relationship imploded at last night’s Dinner Party, after an argument erupted between them over SARA cancelling three dates that TIM had organised. SARA is held to account by expert Mel, who calls her out for apologising to the group for her behaviour, but not to TIM. Mel also pushes SARA to reveal why she cancelled on TIM so many times. TIM is feeling exhausted as he feels he’s been putting in a lot of energy and effort to this relationship, but it hasn’t been reciprocated. The pair share an awkward hug and commit to staying and working on their relationship for another week.

Yet time and time again they have actor’s showreels come out of the woodwork.
I don’t mind if they have actors who are genuinely looking for love - i mean it is an occupation. But more often than not they are just a plot device. I guess time will tell.

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