Macquarie Sports Radio

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With a population of 1.4 billion people at least one would have to choose MSR. That would help them to get rid of those annoying asterisks in the survey results.



Macquarie no doubt will be urging GfK to distribute a few survey books on the sub continent


According to the MSR Facebook page Mark Levy and Mark Riddel are back tomorrow with some big news.

It’d be interesting to hear what it is…

Also what is interesting is the fact this was posted on the general MSR Facebook page.

Does it mean the boys will be networked across all MSR stations including into Melbourne? Makes sense - why would a struggling station with an asterisk have a designated Melbourne breakfast show? Just network it all 24/7 as a last ditch effort.


Levy/Riddell now on air 5.30-10.00 daily.
The Run Home also on air 3.00-7.00 daily.
I’m not sure what’s happening 10.00am-3.00pm.


I notice Rohan Connolly (former sports journalist at The Age) has his own show on MSR called The RoCo Show. He also hosts the innings break during MSR’s coverage of BBL matches.


Yeah, RoCo has been on pretty much every day of the BBL unless there’s been something else on (live sport or days like double headers he’s only on once). He’s been into Melb only though.


Looks like the two shows have been combined, Levy, Riddell and Bartel nationally, based off the website. Morrow daytime possibly? They’re saying 10-1 for him which doesn’t fit.

Well, I know I’ll be placing a bet on whether it rates more than an asterisk next survey.
Shame the big news also wasn’t that there’s a format change coming in time for the first anniversary. Still time though for that dice roll.


Actually that’s not true. Jimmy Bartel is only doing 9-10am with them according to the website.

Also just announced that Macquarie Sports Melbourne will be taking the Continuous Call this year.


Well, given the website is a bit of a dog’s breakfast, with all sorts of misleading information (Morrow 10-1, Halftime 12-2 as just one example), I’m surprised anyone is able to get any information out of it.

Melbourne gaining CCT, might at least be some hope for more than asterisk, but only might.


I’ve been listening a lot to BBC Radio 2 online over the last couple of weeks - for Brexit updates :). I still think this format is an option, especially for Sydney and if they really must keep the 3 stations networked. It’s music focused but gets quite eclectic. The presenters are engaging and there is lots of news and brief discussions on topical subjects - which they manage to keep non-confrontational somehow! Even Brexit! When I was in the UK in December they had a panel chat in the afternoon including both sides of the debate and even had some Irish political figures. The Irish were actually late because they couldn’t find the BBC :). I couldn’t believe how well it was handled by the presenters. The best part is even when they have these discussions they’re still playing plenty of music throughout. Love it.