Macquarie Sports Radio

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Oh I think the DAB experience in Australia has been extremely sub par also, compared to UK. I just have a feeling a tipping point has been reached especially with inclusion into cars. I could be proven wrong also.

I think DAB is helping figures for stations like 4KQ and Cruise.

Time will tell. I just think that 4BH in particular is a wasted opportunity. Perhaps not so much Magic Melbourne


EX SEN Fill in Rohan Conolly is now heard on Macquurrie Sports Radio he is sounding great anyone agrees with me. I have called into him and have spoken to him… I remember rohan was at the Age for some time he also worked for 3AW as a Boundry Reporter before joining SEN. I also called into him when he was on SEN last year prior ti him joining MSR. He is nlow part of rgew larger Nine Entertainment family in tghe woeds ob Clinton Maqynard.


Interesting addition. Needs to update his twitter bio, when did he finish up at SEN?


He hasn’t.
RoCo is a freelancer.
Do find it interesting he hasn’t been on SEN lately, they must be happy with the ineptitude Cam Luke brings to the microphone!


Very few would agree with you because MSR has such a minuscule audience.

Cume: fundamentally flawed.
TSL: fundamentally flawed.

At such low levels of audience, the figures become difficult to ensure reliability, but what we can confirm when this happens is that it’s very low.

The few who listen barely listen to get an idea who is on air at any time of the day.


But take that “flawed” approach and make it a national network, then you’ve got something worth bragging about. sarcasm


In Melbourne are MSR taking the same coverage of SEN with the big bash? I think this covered earlier in one of the threads :slight_smile:. Sorry for the duplicate question if that was the case.


Both coverages are the same Crocmedia production, yes. MSR are using RoCo in Melbourne as a lead in show though, whereas I believe Syd/Bris are taking the Crocmedia lead in.
The coverage of the game I was listening to on Sat night was dire. Benny Jones and Ryan Harris were subpar in their knowledge to put it nicely. MSR would have been better off trying to retain their own call team from last year instead of having some of their talent (McGrath) work for Crocmedia.


Thanks so during the game, SEN is the exactly the same as MSR. Is SEN coverage in stereo ? MSR on 954 am (but listening on DAB plus) is not. That is one thing that Triple M does well with sport , they take full advantage of stereo. Guess since most listeners are still on the AM Band so no need.


Nope. Depends how the feed is produced. I notice both SEN and MSR are broadcast in stereo on DAB+ (regular mono on AM), but I’m not sure whether the feed itself is stereo or not


Today the coverage is in stereo :slight_smile:. Maybe they read this forum…


My guess the cricket was broadcast from studio for the game in hobarts thus maybe in stereo, the next match at spotless was mono.


Before, during and after Nine’s Australian Open Broadcast, Channel 9 Needs to start an aggressive advertising Campaign for Macquarie Sports Radio. and stop advertising SmoothFM

Nine Tennis Coverage

Just because Nine and Macquarie Radio are now under the same corporate ownership doesn’t mean the TV side is likely to stop accepting advertising from FM radio stations (particularly in markets like Sydney where Nine is the #1 TV network) which aren’t directly competing against 2GB/Macquarie Sports Radio anyway.


This is surely your most humourous post to date.

On Christmas Day of all days, what a gift, merry Christmas and god bless you young @Jason_Andrew_Toppin


Yes if only those Smooth FM listeners knew Macquarie Sports Radio was there. They’d be sure to switch.


Talksport on ,Macquarie Sports Radio is sounding Great this Christmas night along brazil and hius team is great i do niotn gt ti hear him he often unless i listen tio Talksport London online.


Jason - I am beginning to think that you are the asterisk.


It really has come to something when the highlight of the station’s Christmas Day output is apparently the relaying of a station from the other side of the world :joy:


Perhaps MRN could arrange for survey books to be dropped in India to improve their numbers?