Macquarie Sports Radio

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I’d just want to know if 2SM is beating MSR in Sydney.

SEN’s ratings show that at the very least there is an audience out there, but even among that audience the product isn’t compelling enough to get listeners to switch.

2KY to some extent show something similar - though in their case the latest survey have them and MSR rating the same at breakfast where the two stations are the most similar. Even if they decide sports radio is the format - there’s at least 4% on the table in Melbourne, and 1%+ in Sydney that are already listening to sports talk radio, that they aren’t making in roads on.


Hell must be about to freeze over. Ray Hadley will be returning to 954AM next Friday to call the Horn/Mundine boxing match. I’m very surprised Hadley hasn’t insisted his call of the bout be broadcast on 2GB.


An ex FM listener called into Cameron Reddin This Morning after 6AM in Melbourne & Sydney 5AM Brisbane & 3AM Perth he said he used to listen to FM until he came across MacQuarie Sports Radio and he will never listen to FM again.
Many more new listeners will listen to MacQuarie sports Radio due in no small way to former Australian Cricket Captain Michel Clarke who was interviewed by David Schawatrz & Mark Allen last Tuesday on Drive and in reply to what Gerard Whateley had said on SEN Mornings Mchael Clarke called Geard Whateley “\AHeadline chasing coward”> on MacQuarie Sports Radio’s Melbourne/Perth Breakfast Progra with Matt Thompson &Jimmy Bartel.


Was it you?

Seems a big jump from listening presumably to music to overnight sports talk.


Please may I begin by answering i am not the person who was the EX FM Listener who came to Macauarie Sports Radio
I have been a listener to MacQuarie Sports Radio since the dying moments of Talking Lifestyle i listened to SEN prior to that.
furthermore the EX FM listener prior to listening to MacQuarie Sports Radio he was not a listener to AM Radio.
May I add he will tell all his family and friends about MacQuarue Sports Radio


Was he a paid actor or did they just get a staff member to pretend to be this mythical Ex-FM listener?

Otherwise I fully expect their numbers will increase from * to *+1 in the next survey. Exciting times.


I honestly don’t think Macquarie Sports Radio will rate that much better during the final survey of the year. Maybe a slight uptick in Sydney (going from 0.6 to 0.8 or something incredibly minor in the grand scheme of things), but still very low figures overall.

Give it 12 months and I’d probably expect something cheap like “Macquarie Radio Extra” on 954/1278/882 - relaunched version of NTS with replayed highlights from all the “main” stations in the network, overflow sports coverage and the only local content of any significance being ad breaks & News/Sport/Traffic/Weather updates.


Sydney City
Hugh Marks will meet with MacQtyaeue Media Staff within week as whe willl woith thiose staff frium the print division and we will announcew what will happen with MacQuarie Radio if anything. in 12 mkonths


The federal Court Approved the Nne Entertainment takeover of Fairfax Media after 1PM Tuesday 27th November 2018 ,
Later that afternoon Micheal Clarke is interviewed by Mark Allen & David Schawarz on Macquarie Sports radoo drive tatlking about the current woes of Australian Cricket … Could Mark Taylor, Michael Clarke & other Channel 9 Sporting talent be added to MacQuarue Sports Radio in 2-019 alongside the talent MacQuarie sports radio has already got?


It is doubtful that Clarke will be available to cover the Australia v India test matches for MSR as he will be in India involved in studio based coverage for Sony.


MSR needs to reread their tweets.


Especially when that tweet will have more readers than all three of their AM stations have listeners


Probably explains why MSR has no sole.

Except for their soul listener :smile:


I assume their biggest fan in this thread writes their tweets now.




@Jason_Andrew_Toppin, do you have the login details for the MSR Twitter?


Nine are experimenting with Nine News bulletins on Adelaide’s fiveAA (5AA) and I think you’ll find there’s a purpose to that and this purpose will become more apparent.

One possibility is a music format with extended news bulletins. You could have a format with news on the half-hour and, like News Radio, vary what features with each bulletin. You could also have major bulletins at times of day such as midday and 5pm that run for 30 minutes.

Nine News would be a sensible way of leveraging the breadth of content Nine can bring to Macquarie. While it’s also true that audio clips from across the Macquarie Talk network could also feature on a new format.

But it’s just lame to package up such programming capacity as “Macquarie Radio Extra” or something of the like.

I would suggest that music is the best way to glue together such a format - the type of format that used to be known in the United States as the “full-service” format (music and talk elements tailored to a purpose)

Whatever the audience of Macquarie Sports Radio, I doubt anyone listens for long periods. We already know that ABC News Radio, like sports-talk radio, only gets small numbers staying tuned for long periods.

So the best use of Nine News would be to position a music format - such as saying “we are the music station with extended, comprehensive news bulletins”. In ten words, listeners are given a reason to differentiate that station in their mind.

You can’t differentiate concepts like “extra” or even the latest such offering - SEN+. Such services already have microscopic audience levels on DAB+


Disappointed to note that Adam Lang, the man that brutalised 2UE, 4BH and their staff gets to keep his job at Macquarie. At least he never rose to Chairman of MML.


Has he signed a new contract?


In Today’s Herajld Sun Brad Hardie will be part of the morning slot in 2019 it looks as though MacQuarie Sports Radio will be left as they are next year best way to do things i think then advertise MacQuarie Sports Radio on Channel throughout January on Channel 9 Aggressively and throughout 2019 this will therefore bring better ratings for MacQuarie Sports Radio in Sydney< Melbourne & Brisbane.