Macquarie Sports Radio

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Let us remember the old days for a moment.


I think that in Sydney TL could have been made to work if they were really determined not to continue with 2UE. Some core ingredients were there, including many of the familiar 2UE presenters and shows and it did start to sound better once they had moved away a bit from the launch advertorial format. BUT it would have needed very effective management, clear positioning in the market, considerable advertising and lots of TLC, none of which Macquarie were prepared to give it.

However TL was always going to be a lost cause in Brisbane and Melbourne. The change of format - music one side of the news, talk the other side - was too sudden and dramatic. There were no familiar elements to attract listeners to stay or to try it, exacerbated by the complete lack of advertising and marketing.

All that said, MSR has dragged those frequencies down to levels previously unimaginable, especially for 954.


Even 3EE in its original format (MOR music and talk) in 1992 would have rated higher than Macquarie Sports Melbourne have now.


It did. Though it was a pretty woeful product. Old has-been (or never-were) announcers. And a strange music log.

But it was up against a relative AM music powerhouse at the time in in 3MP.


The problem with the original 3EE was that it was a 3MP clone with the exact same music one would find on 3MP. Then 3MP bought out 3EE and simulcasted 3MP’s signal on 693, but that lasted about a year until the ABA stepped in and ordered a different signal on 693, hence the creation of Magic. 3MP’s older songs were moved to Magic while 3MP had a more soft AC sound, hence the ratings decline of 3MP while Magic’s ratings improved.


The relevant portions of the speeches by the Chairman and CEO at the Macquarie Media AGM yesterday.

Russell Tate:

Adam Lang:


I invite you all to listen. All of you. Any of you. Someone. Please. Listen.


MML have admitted their focus is on the News-Talk stations.

That is like a parent admitting that they only have ONE favourite child.

Just end it already. MML are becoming the new BOG - hanging on to a once very valuable station (and network).

RIP 954AM & 1269AM.


4BC is not really doing that well in the core business? I don’t have figures but has 4BC lost audience since the networking… Or that doesn’t count? ie Compared with 3AW and 2GB. How can they fix 4BC then?


spend money. and thats something they don’t want to do.

they need local presenters addressing local issues. we don’t need hadly, jones, bolt and there lot talking about gladys.


“Australia’s first national commercial sports radio network”, hasn’t he heard of EON Sports Radio which used to be available on DAB+ only across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth?


To be fair most people in those cities probably have never heard of it either. Is it even still operating?


Nope, EON Sports Radio went into administration and off air in mid-June 2017.


Exactly. 4BC is a disaster.


… so let’s get this straight. They have only two number one News Talk stations in both networks around the country and they are bragging about its success?

Ok. Before we educate MML about MSR, let’s teach them about Brisbane and Perth first.

Come back when you have a truly successful News Talk Network. Not just one by default (ie no competition).


It will be heard on 3AW as well. It will premiere at 6pm AEDT tomorrow (Saturday) with Ian Chappell as the first guest of the show. It means Mike Brady’s show Mike to Midnight will be pushed back to 7pm.


It started last week.


Ha! If by national they mean three cities in the whole of the country.


I love the fact that there are probably more contributors and readers of this thread than there are listeners to MSR.


Only 2 markets count; Sydney and Melbourne… Perth and Brisbane don’t matter. Neither does Adelaide nor any of the others.

Harsh and a little facetious? Yes… but in reality there is some truth in the statement. You don’t don’t want to trash other cities but you’re going to concentrate most of your efforts on Sydney and Melbourne.

They’ve pulled the cost out of 4BC and while I’m sure they’re not thrilled, it’s not a massive disaster.

How can they claim to success in the news talk market? They win in Sydney and Melbourne.