Macquarie Sports Radio

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That would work too… but I can’t see them surrendering the licenses unless there was a lot of money on the table


I think the only hope is that future majority owner Nine enforces some changes. Macquarie Media is profitable and seems happy for the three stations to meander along into irrelevancy.


It’s operating well below potential. Only AW and GB prop the network up.

PR struggles as starved of budget.

MSR a costly blunder

BC has had no improvement since taking 91% content from 2GB.

Seven stations and only two work.

NEC will either fix or flick and we’ll know what choice it is within a year of merging, most likely sooner than later.


i have been thinking about what i’d do with MSR and the answer seems simple to me. sell em. sell em to either SEN (if they want them) or… bare with me… Vision.

it might seem odd but vision might be a good choice. Vision have there own studios. they won’t need to use any exiting studio space. they are definitely not competitors to any other of the stations in the network and they have the ability to pay (ever met a poor church?)


Vision probably wouldn’t want to, or be able to, pay top dollar for the
licenses … after all they’re doing the Lord’s work and deserve a discount… i’m sure they think so anyway.

Maybe Sky News would like to buy the licenses… Sky News Radio is a logical extension of what they do… that’s what happened in UK and now Sky is the biggest provider of commercial radio news in Britain after they won the contract to provide the IRN service.

Still, I think the SEN option makes most sense, possibly as a JV


Yes. Many! They’re not all Hillsong


Looking at the UCB accounts on the ACNC website, they are in a good financial position and have no debt. But their operating surplus and accumulated funds don’t go anywhere near being able to pay for three commercial radio licences and operate three high-powered radio transmitters, I think. They would need a benefactor willing to pay the costs.


I still think we may see a Nine News/Sport channel take over - a hybrid rolling news, IVs and sport would be a complementary to the ranting raving lunatic 2GB


A Sky News format on radio would be great. And it would allow those like John Stanley to really shine in a regular journalist shift.


Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Sky News Radio only provide TOTH bulletins to commercial stations (ie; it’s not an actual station per se)?


That’s correct. My comparison was about expansion into radio generally rather than a full service station.

It’s an important distinction and a point well made.


I second this. Focus completely on news? On SKY TV they still have debates. It could be very dry if it was news only. But this may trend on the toes of 2gb/3aw/4bc.


In the US, CNN radio started out on some affiliate stations as a simulcast of TV audio from CNN and Headline News.

Key radio only shifts would then be added over time, usually breakfast and drive to start with more to follow as the format became established and hopefully profitable.

News only stations can work well if properly resourced… lots of reporters on the road, good traffic and weather with a strong community focus.


this could work - despite newsradio being in the same space, the sorts of poeple who would listen to sky news radio would not listten to the lefty abc


This is an important quote. A sports channel can work too if they have all the big sports too. Like they should of brought the test cricket from Pakistan to sports radio. How much money they want to spend then to make profit? Almost better off with music and make money that way.




Why on earth are 2GB launching a cricket show? Talk about undermining your sister station. It also shows more confused thinking at Macquarie over strategy


Yeah. I dont get it. Lure listeners from 2gb to MSR ? They say this sports show sounds good so I might tune into 954?


MacQuariie Sports Radioo wil stay as it is after thuyrsday .


A blip on the ratings sheet which must be haemorrhaging cash by the minute?