Macquarie Sports Radio

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Jason, Jason, Jason good that you support your station so faithfully BUT SEN is not in any trouble from this rabble. What station will you listen to when MSR closes? Back to AW?


The mysterious channel from regional Victoria. :stuck_out_tongue:


All the Nine Network’s main metropolitan digital transmissions are on RF channel 8.


Who is filling on in the Sydney & Melbourne Studio’s of MacQuarie sports Radio alongisde Tony Leonard for David Morrow & Tiffany Cherry who are on holidays David for 4 weeks and Tifffany for one week?


Please Stop dissing MSR, The Showcase Event starts Tonight with Womens T20 International Cricket.


Why? From all reports, the content mix doesn’t seem to be that great and the ratings for the station are awful too.

It’s embarrassing how Macquarie Sports Radio slipped further below the racing channel here in Sydney during the most recent survey, even with increased promotion on 2GB. No doubt there’ll be many commentators sharpening their knives if (well, probably when) the ratings for MSR don’t significantly improve after the release of Survey #6 results next week.

With all due respect to Cricket Australia and women’s sport, I would personally argue that the showcase sporting events this weekend are the football grand finals in both major codes. Are MSR even airing a call of the AFL Grand Final in Melbourne today? Of a call of the NRL Grand Final in Sydney/Brisbane tomorrow? If not, how utterly depressing!


Have a wild guess.


Sydney & Brisbane did via AFLNATION


How absurd! What’s wrong with AW’s call?


I’d say there’s a pre existing contract in place. I imagine Macquarie will attempt to get out of it ASAP


Exclusive to 2GB? During the Continuous Call Team today they were taking live snippets of the 3AW call instead of MSR which I found surprising.


And the fact they can take the GB call for NRL in Melbourne but not vice versa is ridiculous.

Yet another flaw with MML’s commitment to MSR.




Not at all, simply the idiocy of the lack of strategy these fools have.

As I’ve written before, 9 either have a lot of work to do to invest in fixing this or they will flick their stake in MRN to Singo et al or another party.

At 12 new posts since I last read it, had hoped there was news on a change of format.


Macquarie Media will announce this week that the Weekend Detention nonsense on 2gb will be dropped in favour of a talk programme hosted by John Stanley. Not for one moment do I believe that MSR will last much longer but at least it will give 2gb five months to decide if they will continue with NRL or pass it over.


Paired with weekend detention host Erin Molan, it seems.


Great news. Will be good to hear J.S. on air at that time on weekends. A good move from 2GB.


Have they called time on MSR after today’s ratings. No improvement just a further slump in Brisbane. All three markers around half a %.

Time to go.

Melbourne - launch classic hits (eg 4KQ)
Brisbane - launch easy favourites (eg Smooth - heck even do a deal with NE and call it Smooth 882 if they aren’t capable of doing something themselves, just simulcast Smooth FM digital)
Sydney - who knows… just not MSR.


And… cue our regular booster for MSR!


More delusion from Macquarie about the ‘success’ of MSR in the latest ratings.