Macquarie Sports Radio

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There might be a need for 24/7 sports in Sydney. Technically such a station, focused on Sydney (rather than a network offering) is yet to be tried.

Could be argued you could shrink the MSR brand to just being 954 in Sydney and elsewhere being a brand like Nine’s Wide World of Sport - a production brand supplying program to 4BC Brisbane and live sports to 1278 in Melbourne (but within a music format). Or maybe even scrap sports brand duplication altogether and call it Wide World of Sport (WWOS) Radio, given that is a heritage brand with strong football and cricket associations and given Nine are soon to own it anyway (and for that reason, I doubt I’m the first to consider this).

As has been said, SEN has sport covered in Melbourne. So unless Nine have ambitions to take that over (and please don’t be surprised if that’s eventually what happens, given media consolidation is a firm trend), just flick the network and build a strong NRL heavy sports channel in Sydney.

4BC rather than 882 can provide network support to such a station. Any squeeze that causes to 2GB’s lifestyle programs being networked weekends is easily solved by shifting those to 882 (4BH), the knock-on effect of removing sport from 882 is the leverage created to skew that station female (like Smooth). The Brisbane operation is probably optimised with a talk/music combo and same is probably the case in Melbourne. The obvious risk of Sydney going music as well as the possibility of too much 60s and 70s music overlap between 2CH and a musical 2UE (resulting again in small/splintered audience shares)



Some long-time Sydney Kings fans like me have stopped following the team since the arch enemy from Melbourne Andrew Gaze became coach. I’d prefer he was on radio full-time than coaching the Kings.


A bit to late to advertise now the the ship is already sinking into the abyss…




Great move to advertise maacQuarie Sports Radio on soon to be owner Channel 9 this will bring many more listeners in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane to MacQuarie sports Radio 954, MacQuarie sports radio 1278 & MacQuarie Sports Radio 882. Now is as good a time as any to Advertise MacQuarie Sports Radio


Well yes - because it won’t exist in a few months time so best to advertise it now.


MacQuarie Sports Radio will gain many more listeners due to the advertising camaiign hence ther reason tyat thye advertising camaign mavquarie sports macquarue sports rts radio is featuring om channel 8.
Macqyarude sports radio 1278 may well have staff from Nova 100 signed ti the Station because they are tired foir the bad offair manner of Chrissie SWan.


What does all this mean? Macquarie Sports radio will soon go the way of the dodo! :rofl:


Macquarie Sports Radio makes vega look successful and 2SM look relevant.


Who is Channel 8?





No need to shout!

Anyway, it’s good that Macquarie Sports Radio finally have ads airing on Channel Nine but there really should’ve been ads for MSR airing on TV when the relaunch happened in April. Won’t make much of an impact to the station’s poor ratings now though, even with increased promotion on 2GB there was a slight ratings decrease in Sydney last time.


Yes I think it’s too little too late. I doubt it will make too much difference to their numbers. It’s just not on anyone’s radar.


Nine & fairfax will Merge soon which tey should have been allowed ti merge directly after the coalition passed their Media ownership changes


It was probably in the pipeline many months before it came to be announced. Such a major deal wouldn’t have just happened overnight


it was in the pipeline for many months it took one phone call between Nine Chairman Peter Costello & Fairfax Media Chairman Nick Faloon thius ios hiw the deak came ti be announced on july 26th 2018 at 9AM before the Australian Sahre Markjet poned for that day.


Similarly, there was an ad about David Schwartz & Mark Allen’s drive show on the back of the Sunday Herald Sun last weekend promoting that the duo are back on a ‘new’ station. It had me wondering why didn’t MSR run that ad months ago


Agree in April Macquarie sports radii was launched The Merger between Fairfax Media & Nine though in the pipeline they needed ti wait to announce it on july 26th 2018 at 9AM.
Great that David Schawarz an mark Allen were advertised in the Sunday Herald Sun


A caller I heard call into Biily McGee & Mieka Buchan he said “i am the latest convert from the other Sports Radio Station”/. Billy Said “welcome”,. at the end of his called he said to the caller “Don’t be a Stanger”. This New Listener came from SEN" SEN is now symalcast on both 1116 & 1377 in Melbourne this will help MacQuarie Sports Radio 1278 in Melbourne by MacQuarie Sports Radio 1278 gaining listeners from sEN