Macquarie Sports Radio

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As sad as it is to see Stanley leave 954AM, I must give credit to Mark Levy and Mark Riddell.

They’re sounding much more listenable. It’s like Continuous Call Team 5 days a week.


Yeah always thought the Continuous Call team sounded decent, the guys always have a good laugh and get along so well… So having the two on MSR might do it a world of good… well… you can only hope it would


And similar to TL, the secret to a (semi) successful show is to add to the mix some lifestyle & current issues.

John & Gary would occasionally talk politics & what is in the papers (similar to George & Paul) under the TL format… and Mark & Mark this morning were talking favourite movies, double-dipping & even giving updates on the Sydney trains debacle this morning.

More than just sport. Remember, it is a Sydney breakfast radio show. So long as the balance is right and they’re not too much in the ‘sporting bubble’ then it could work.


Also broadcast to Brisbane. What a treat for the Brisbane audience. The once ‘big BH’ now relaying sports narrowcasting.


Is it only The Run Home (may as well call it that) that is broadcast nationwide? They at least appear to have made an effort to not be Melbourne-centric.


Attempt? Last time I heard they couldn’t even pronounce Engadine. 90% of callers are from Victoria.


Ok. Last time I listened (one day last week) most of the callers weren’t Victorian. I’m not Victorian, so not necessarily up with what exactly is where either.
I more meant about their effort to talk more than AFL.


I listen a bit this morning, although I dont listen to the continuous call team on weekends it sounded OK. Now they need to move weekend show to 954. Let 2gb do lifestyle shows on weekends.

ABC grandstand digital does play music maybe MSR can play primarily music during the work day. The top 40 shows would work well. I think they
should provide ball by ball coverage of the English summer of cricket, maybe a call of super league too at night.


I think they are on a winner with the new breakfast show. Always been a John Stanley fan but this show really has more variety to it while maintaining the sport theme. Really cannot fault it three days in.


The Last Trace of the Old 2UE 954 is Delisted.


Herald Sun reports Tony Leonard has been dropped from MSR’s breakfast show, replaced by AFL Media’s Matt Thompson. Tony Shaw and Jimmy Bartel will continue to co-host breakfast.


MSR will broadcast the opening round of English Premier League season for the first time, thanks to its syndication deal with UK station talkSPORT. (When MSR began transmission in April it covered the final few weeks of the 2017/18 season)
All times AEST.
5am – Saturday August 11 – Manchester United v Leicester City – ALL STATIONS
9.30pm – Saturday August 11 – Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur – ALL STATIONS (after the AFL in Sydney and Brisbane)
12am – Sunday August 12 – Huddersfield v Chelsea – ALL STATIONS
2.30am – Sunday August 12 – Wolverhampton v Everton – ALL STATIONS
10.30pm – Sunday August 12 – Liverpool v West Ham – ALL STATIONS
1am – Monday August 13 – Arsenal v Manchester City – ALL STATIONS


Listened to this mish mash of a station overnight as it was the last day of EPL football transfers before the season starts. What a mess!!! They play so many ads! Not only that, they play their own ads and then Talk Sports ones as well. They cut back into Talk Sport shows mid sentence etc. So after half a hour it was back to listening to Talk Sport on my iPad. The sooner this garbage goes, the better.


There’s some deadset gimmick infringement happening right now here.


The audience is always right, enjoy the comments:


For the first time in a long time Alan Jones will be broadcasting on 954AM. Sadly, not as a news talk station. Jones will be joining the commentary team for this Saturday’s Bledisloe Cup.

I wonder why 882AM doesn’t take the Games? A clash with NRL/AFL Nation?


I know Jones appeared for 2UE’s 90th birthday in 2015, but probably not since then.


A good prize for the winner of this.


So based on another disastrous survey today are we calling time of death for this ridiculous format? The patient has clearly flatlined.

Melbourne - launch a true classic hits station like 4KQ
Brisbane - launch an easy listening station like Smooth ie. Re-launch 4BH as it was in the early to mid-2000s
Sydney - relaunch 2UE as a variety/lifestyle talk station.



sport is all the station is.