Macquarie Radio Network (Talk)

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If Alan leaves 2GB (which I can’t see happening…cutting back to four days per week seems more likely ala Kochie on Sunrise), I think Steve Price is the most likely to take the spot, at least at first. It has struck me as intriguing that Steve is the only fill-in who does not stick to the format (restrict calls to the 6:30 and 8:30 half hours, sport and finance crosses before the top of the hour etc). It has made me wonder if he is trialling a succession plan.

Longer term I’m sure Nine would like to lure Jason Morrison back to 2GB, and deprive Seven of their Sydney news director in the process. He is one of the few who have proven they can retain the audience during Alan’s absences. If memory serves, Jason actually increased the ratings when he filled in for one of Alan’s extended absences some years back.


Alan isn’t going anywhere. The “other offers on the table” claim is just a bargaining ploy to get Nine to pay a bigger fee for his services.


Not that the nuff nuffs within Sky or the viewers would care, they lap all that rubbish up. Even his defence of Pell.

Correct. Jason is a versatile talent.

Correct again, it’s the typical ploy. Time to call his bluff. MRN have snuffed out talk competition in Sydney with the merger and decimation of UE, much less to fear than SCB in 2001 letting Jones and Hadley walk.

Remember the prospectus for MRN? Risk was the reliance on a few key talent not easily replaced, this advice has continued from stock analysts. Far too narrow pool of ‘talent’.


Andrew Bolt has told The Australian that he has left Macquarie radio after they could not agree on a new contract. Rita Panahi will continue as Bolt’s replacement.

Also, one possible option for Alan Jones if he leaves 2GB, according to The Australian, is a deal with News which would cover Sky, a newspaper column and a podcast or radio.


In the unlikely event Jones walks, the 2GB content should be removed from 4BC at bfast if it hasn’t been removed sooner.

Kylie Blucher knows just the talent who would be perfect, she can make it happen.


John McDuling in the SMH writes that News Corp executives have apparently discussed Lachlan Murdoch selling Nova and Smooth to Nine and News buying Macquarie and FiveAA.


Five AA Adelaide
Central Coast Radio

I was thinking about this yesterday- is there a way for the Murdochs to acquire AM radio stations as a means to build a Sky News radio network to be run in conjunction with the television channel? Wasn’t sure Nine would be interested in relinquishing the Macquarie radio assets so soon after acquiring them but a swap for Nova and Smooth does kind of make sense.


It probably makes sense for FiveAA to become part of the same network as 2GB/4BC, 3AW and 6PR but I’m not really sure about the prospect of News Corp owning radio stations. Don’t they have enough of a voice in Australia’s media landscape as it is?

I could understand why Nine would relinquish Macquarie’s AM stations in favour of Nova’s younger skewing FM stations, but one wonders what SCA thinks about the idea of NEC acquiring Nova/Smooth. Knowing who currently owns most of the major Nine Network regional affiliates, contract renegotiation time could become VERY interesting if NEC decides to acquire (most of) a major competitor for SCA!


Yes, it’s a possible scenario. We’ve discussed it here.

Nine are after scale, 6 metros (minus 5AA), 2 JV metros and one regional from Nova is not it.

If News owned MRN, you only have to look at the smell of an oily rag operation that Sky remains, it wouldn’t be good for radio.

I refer to Sky news as the 2SM of television. Tightwad resourcing with a small audience.

Macquarie own 7 licences, only 2 are a success, the rest they ran down or Fairfax began that.

9 should want to be rid of MRN, they can on sell and reduce debt or spend a lot of money to correct past mistakes. The coverage of SCA’s assets are far more enticing than Nova’s.

Paul Thompson built it along with his team of '96 onwards. Plenty more savings in AA alongside Nova that MRN cannot realise with no other asset in the market. AA is very profitable for the market size and dynamics.

Yes, News have a large voice, but ‘enough’ of a voice is what the legislation is for. If it’s not covered there, they can buy, doesn’t make it feel right to you or I.

It would be a poor move by 9, short sighted grab for scale. SCA remains more beneficial for 9.


The real tactical play for Nine would be to buy up an off band LPON station in Adelaide. No need to spend big completing a talk network with 5AA.

Getting Nova/Smooth for MRN is a very good deal for Nine - if only because it gives them something far more attractive to sell if they ever try and close a deal on buying/merging with SCA.


Someone will have to tell Steve Price as he didn’t mention anything about it tonight.


It’s possible that Management have directed presenters to not mention Bolt’s departure, in the hope the audience just accepts the replacements. The Australian says talks between Bolt and Macquarie broke down almost two weeks ago, so if it hasn’t been mentioned by now…


Yeah I could smell a rat when he wasnt back. I would rather radio stations being more transparent with these things. I guess an exception if he showed up on a competitor which he hasnt.


Reminds me of the departure of Kimberly Guilfoyle from The Five on Fox News Channel. When she started going out with Trump’s son she just disappeared from the screen and was never mentioned again.


Bolt addresses his future with 2GB etc in his podcast, starting at 25:40 in the following link

Apparently they asked him to work more for less money and he told them to shove it. He also explains why he thinks no announcement has been made by Steve Price or the radio station.


That he evidently records in his bathroom.


If I heard the promo correctly this afternoon, Seven News has an exclusive interview with Alan Jones about his future this evening.


That doesn’t sound good. Surely any news regarding a new contract with 2GB would be announced exclusively on Nine?


And Seven is getting into bed with NewsCorp.


No useful information. Alan is “open to doing other things” if his Macquarie contract isn’t renewed. He half-jokingly suggested he could become a race horse trainer!