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I think a Nine News service on radio would have some journalists doing reports for both TV & radio, but otherwise remain separate entities in the same way that The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age will most likely continue to have different reporters to Nine News on TV and Nine News online, etc.


He’s still not back on with Steve Price and tonight for example he introduced Rita Panahi as joining him every night with no mention of her filling in.


Well at least that annoying Mike Williams is no longer on the website replaced with Luke Grant. For a moment I thought we would be getting that fool from Melbourne up the line. I think the Macquarie News has improved, well just a little but we are still getting annoying quotes like “have a listen” and so. 2GB listeners are not teenagers.


Perhaps not, but Singo has tailored a station to meet the needs of people with a mental age less than a fully grown adult.

Jones’ bullying got a run on the ABC tonight. I suspect, not so much for Jones but to push the barrow of their hope of an ALP NSW victory:


Indeed. Checking back through podcasts, Ben Fordham didn’t refer to Peta Credlin as filling in for Andrew this week. He did last week. The last time I can find Steve Price mentioning Rita Panahi was filling in for Andrew was uhhh…I’ve gone back to Feb 14 and still haven’t found a mention.

That said, 2GB and Macquarie Syndication websites still list Andrew Bolt. On the other hand, Bolt has started “The Andrew Bolt Podcast” which is described as “the official podcast of Herald Sun columnist and TV presenter Andrew Bolt”. No mention of radio. There was an episode in December and one on Sunday. He noted on his Herald Sun blog for the latest episode that it will be weekly. It’s being recorded on an echoey setup which doesn’t sound at all like a professional radio or TV studio.

There was also an entry on his blog on Monday about the possibility of John Singleton selling his Macquarie stake, with odd speculation that Singo could buy another station and take Alan Jones with him. It included lines such as

I am not sure 2GB is quite the happy, supportive home for Jones that it once was


I have no particular insight or information

Add that all up, and I have no idea what is going on, but it sure seems like Bolt might be out of Macquarie.


If Bolt’s rant has any basis … Buying 2SM or buying back 2CH would be John Singleton’s only options, but I think he would need to pay Caralis or Oceania Capital a nice profit to entice them to sell.



Agreed. But if I was John Singleton’s age, I’d probably get out of radio while it’s still profitable and retire with the bucketload of money made from the sale.

Reckon Nine would try and buy (at least the more profitable/lucrative parts of) SCA if they’re interested in radio but are concerned about MRN personalities like Alan Jones being more of a liability than an asset to the company?


I think through this if 2SM is bought by John Singleton might make sense and then bring Alan across and maybe Ray.

Interesting idea. John can be owner but let someone else run the show. Good thing is it might by accident revive 2ue (in the form of 2gb again).


Or it’d be good if Nine offload MSR Syd, Melb & Bris to Singo.

I sure hope he remains in radio. He hasn’t had any significant control since ‘2CH Happy Days’ and ‘2GB’s Power Station’ campaign launch.


Seven News claims that Alan Jones has other offers on the table and that Macquarie has until Wednesday to respond. It appears to be a real possibility that Jones will leave 2GB at the end of June.


Read that earlier today in Daily Mail. Don’t know where they lifted the story from.


Surely TV or maybe Triple M would be just about all the alternatives?


2SM? A nightly show on Sky News?

2GB really haven’t developed anyone else to replace Jones beyond the obvious candidates - Hadley and Smith, with Price an outsider I think.

The Daily Telegraph had it first, it seems.


That was my first thought TBH. Sky News’ post-6pm lineup probably could do with a replacement for Andrew Bolt, who’s on the nose after recent dodgy comments about a certain high profile court case.

If Jones leaves surely they’ll just promote all existing weekday presenters up a shift (Hadley at breakfast, Smith in the mornings, etc.), move Luke Grant to weekday overnights/Wake Up Australia and call it a day?

Given his age and the fact he’s only done one stint of fill-in presenting (Early October 2016) since his December 2015 retirement from the overnight program, I can’t see Brian Wilshire returning. Besides, Michael McLaren probably deserves a better timeslot anyway.


The knives are out for Bolt?


Well I’m not 100% sure what News Corp thought of those odious views, but it’s to my understanding that quite a lot of regular people (including even some conservatives who usually support him) were none too pleased with Bolt’s “alternative view” on the court case.

And yes I’m aware that Alan Jones has also attracted his fair share of negativity and legal action over the years but as we should all know by now, News Corp has deeper pockets than Macquarie Radio.


An out there name I think could replace Jones would be Karl Stefanovic, still employed by 9 and has a following and opinionated.


I’d just assume neither of those would be able to put up enough cash to get him to move. Otherwise he’d just retire…


When Stephanie finds out that Alan may leave 2GB we are going to be grateful for Australia’s gun laws.