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Ian “Lofty” Fulton is the name of 2GB’s longtime voiceover guy who’s also known for his work on Sky News & MasterChef Australia.

I don’t think they’re phasing him out though. Occasionally 2GB uses other voiceover artists for the odd promo or two but since their brand hasn’t really evolved at all for many years (the “We’re #1 so if it ain’t broke…” theory must rule), I wouldn’t expect major changes to happen in the foreseeable future.

It was probably when the station started referring to itself as “2GB 873” (rather than the Late '90s/Early 2000s “873 2GB” brand) that Fulton became the main voice of their on-air branding?


Alan Jones interviewed Ian “Lofty” Fulton this morning. Ian has been sick and Alan was checking in on his health. It was a terrific listen.

Ian is also the voiceover for Masterchef.

So much better than the voiceover used on MKR - the one who sounds like a constipated porno actor.


Are you sure? Jones a terrific listen?


I listen to Alan for pure entertainment. He interviewed the PM this morning and accidentally called him “Scott” before correcting himself.

The interview with the voiceover guy was Alan at his best. His agreement with open-line caller Stephanie last week was him at his lowest. As for Alan’s promotion of Mark Latham? Appalling. Latham is unhinged and Alan wants him in the NSW Upper House. Vomit. Spew.


Usually Stephanie is just too political and best left for 6am to 630am timeslot if she has to speak. Certainly his chat with Ian Fulton was most entertaining.


Haven’t listened to Jones for more than a couple of minutes for many years. When I used to listen to him I think his best interviews were after 8:00am when he generally had on an entertainer plugging something. Jones (or an offsider) always did his research so he knew what to ask. The rest of his show was the usual shouting at somebody, and he’s gotten worse as he has aged.


From Radioinfo:

Macquarie Media has released its half year company results for 2019, with Underlying Net Profit (NPAT) down 6% on last year.

Statutory EBITDA, an ‘apples with apples’ comparison requirement from the stock exchange, was down 45% ($6 million), but this includes a range of one-off significant items such as impairment, legal claims and property.

Read more at:


Not to forget the Jones defo debacle has impacted on the bottom line.

Nine need to decide if they’re fixing or flicking MRN. Time to invest I suggest.


Its interesting what makes news. Listening to SWR who takes Macquarie News, the sports report was Michael Vaughn says David Warner should bat in middle order when returning to the cricket team. Is that sports news ?Or just an opinion you hear in commentary? I guess thats my main complaint of the macquarie news, too many one liners with no background contex and not really news in my view although I do like cricket.


4BC needs it’s own Local Breakfast Program Again.


From Radioinfo:

Singo ready to move on from Macquarie Media

John Singleton has told The Australian that selling his shares in Macquarie Media is inevitable.

According to The Australian, any offer from the Nine Network will be delayed until and if Alan Jones signs a new contract to take him past June 30.

Read more at:


If John Singleton sells out, the Macquarie Radio Network will probably become Nine Radio?


Should be merging their podcasting into that division - Nine Network (Television), Nine Publishing, Nine Audio


Truly an end of an era once Singo leaves.

Enter the corporates.


Macquarie Sports Radio could become “9WWOS radio” or “Radio 9” as I suggested previously in another thread. If you could create the perfect radio station...

The hourly “Macquarie National News” on 2GB, 3AW, etc could become “Nine Radio News” or even “National Nine News” if they really wanted to push the Nine News branding.


Or how about…Macquarie National Nine News? :wink:


Or 9Macquarie?

I’d hate it to be 9Radio.


Is there any chance that the Macquarie radio news could be outsourced to the Nine News studios? It would save a stack of money.

Those that survived the axing of the 2UE news room may now be facing an uncertain future themselves…


The Nine produced news on 5AA in Adelaide is possibly a test for that - anyone listened to the result?


Merging the news rooms may save some staff, but a lot would still need to be retained - Even just scripting and reading news bulletins 24/7 takes a significant amount of man power that - even if the stories were sourced centrally.