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Rest? He’s on Today right now…


What I meant was to allow Tony Jones finishing his Today stint and not having to work for a few hours until the 6pm news.


Rex Hunt will host Footy Nightline on 3AW for the third year running, after overcoming acute nerve pain. He will take calls from listeners on Friday and Saturday nights from 11pm to midnight during the AFL season.


Rita Panahi is leaving 3AW to take up expanded role at Sky News. Her final show is this morning.


The 3AW reception at night is getting awful down Geelong way lately.


Interesting. Is it due to local electrical noise or TX site problem? Is there noise in the area?


Always getting interference from a music station signal, all over Geelong I’ve noticed in my car. 774 is fine.


Interesting, could it be that KQ has a problem at their site and therefore is not directional towards Melb at the moment?

In south eastern NSW this month, AW was strong on nightskip with not a hint of KQ.


4KQ has day night switching aswell… So maybe issue with nighttime switching??

Just out of interest do you hear 4BH 882 which is the Brisbane relay of MML Sports Radio over the top of Vision 882? 4KQ and 4BH are on the same site and are both 5kw at night


Very possible as MSports has a terrible signal down here




Geelong. And yes the MSR signal is terrible. I havent listened to 3AW on AM for a while to notice that bad here but I’ll have to listen tonight


Do you usually stream or listen via digital?


Usually stream. Just tuned in on AM and it isn’t too bad, maybe they fixed it


Seven News Melbourne’s Jacqueline Felgate filled in for Jon Anderson on sport on 3AW breakfast this morning. I think this is the first time Jacqui guest hosts a segment on the popular show.


but different antenna configuration!



I’d personally be willing to predict that either 2019 or 2020 might be Alan Jones’ final year on 2GB breakfast, maybe continuing to contribute daily editorial segments to the station/network but doing considerably less than 17.5 hours of radio a week.

Mind you, at the same time I’m not sure if Ray Hadley is really the future of 2GB breakfast - isn’t Hadley at/near his 70s himself?


64 mate


One year off retirement. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: