Macquarie Radio Network (Talk)

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Thanks @JohnsonTV, what’s your thoughts of the content and presenters?


I don’t listen to much of 3AW breakfast apart from the sport segment before the 7.30am news, so I can’t comment.


I listened to 2GB morning with John Stanley for three hours this morning. For most of it I had my eyes shut and I was fantasising that 2UE was still broadcasting.


Were you on the 339?


On the 339 listening to 954…errrrr…873

Maybe a radio station should take over a bus route. How about the 969 to Bondi Beach?

Or the 954 to Coogee? That bus would be good as it would be empty.


Personally I think he is doing a good job but certainly very different to Hadley’s style. This summer break I think 2GB has done quite a good job with fill-ins and the two ladies on the afternoon are most entertaining. But then again just my thoughts.


I think that’s the first time fantasising and John Stanley have been used in the same sentence…


Agree. Haven’t listened to 2GB for any great length of time for years on a weekday. Stanley’s refreshing style kept me tuned in. Even enjoyed the little bit of Deb Knight I caught last week. I don’t mind George and Paul on the weekends but Murray Wilton’s return to the airwaves was also a welcome change.


I am hoping this’ll mark a return to radio for Wilton… and hopefully Murray Olds too.

All these personalities are probably on standby for the day MSR dies.


Wilton is firmly entrenched with the Royal Agricultural Society and Olds is doing Sport with ABC News I believe. But you are right there would be a plethora of talent just waiting it out.


My guess is that Murray Wilton agreed to do this Summer fill-in stint on 2GB because there’s probably not much happening at the RAS this time of year, unlike March/April.


Ah the 2 Murrays… one of the talented duos of Sydney radio who never got the recognition they deserved.


Most likely on Annual Leave, all he probably had to do is turn up at the Studio on a Saturday and Sunday morning, the producer and Janey would be doing all the research.


Yes, where is Jim Ball?

Exactly, like his salad days at 2UE. The world has changed, not necessarily for the better.



Following the NEC/Fairfax merger, have any contracts been signed (renewed) for the high priced talent?


If Only 4BC can be Revived with Local Personalities Hosting Breakfast And Drive On Weekdays Plus Sportsday And Weekend Mornings, First they must get rid of Alan Jones.


Tony Jones will be very busy this week: presenting sport on Today, then 3AW mornings from 8.30am to midday, then sport again on Nine News Melbourne. It means however Jones has to leave his Today commitments at 7.30am to prepare for 3AW show at 8.30am.
Neil Mitchell should return next Monday.


Tony Jones couldnt host 3aw Mornings today (16th Jan)


Heidi Murphy again hosting 3AW mornings today (January 17) to give Tony Jones some much needed rest.