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I have been hearing rumours that this might become a permanent thing at some stage this year… But don’t quit me on that as it is only a rumour I have heard


Surely it hurts the 2GB product to be trying to make something that can be networked to Queensland? Or are the shows still just NSW focused with no regard to the listeners outside the state?

While I’m reluctant to assume that the ownership change matters - Nine on television do a lot to seem local to Queensland, and clearly they see that as particularly important there as they often go above what Melbourne get in terms of splitting from the Sydney “national” news content.

If it makes sense on TV, surely that should be part of their vision for the radio side of their operations as well.


this. there is minimal qld content and thats why they are as popular as a ham sandwich in a synagogue. you’ll get the occasional rant about the “lefty qld government” or something else but it seems they are using the frequency because they don’t it will be taken away

i would hope so - 9 probably the best at local content in Qld


It has been pretty much the case since 2GB took over in 2015, victim of the Fairfax radio/MRN merger.

So the summer of 15/16 onwards has had zero local content for weeks surely? Certainly happened 17/18.


If Nine are to fix and not flick MRN, getting the Brisbane stations under the control of QTQ GM, Kylie Blucher would be their best path to rehabilitation for BC and BH.

Kylie worked for Austereo in their halcyon days in the 90’s in Sydney and Brisbane. She knows radio and its business very well.

Written it before and will write it again, BC has a ready to go breakfast show with QTQ staff, Luke Bradnam and Ben Dobbin, tailor a Brisbane version of the Ross and John bfast show, bring a couple of producers up from Melbourne who understand the content needed and you’ve created a vital fundamental of local shifts to later build from.

Find a decent, local talent for a lead in at 3am - 5:30am, yes, Brisbane is up at this time and many are the long TSL audience that would be perfect for BC and away you go.


Kate Stevenson and Craig Willis are hosting breakfast on 3AW this week.


I think they still had local shows over summer 15/16 as they didn’t start taking Chris Smith until January 2016 and there was a lot of speculation that summer about whether they were going to replace Clare Blake - who left in the November - with another local shift or Chris Smith. We know the outcome! Certainly no local shows in the summers of 16/17 or 17/18 so this will be the third summer with nothing local


And here’s a link to a Brisbane Times article from January 2016 which states that Kim Mothershaw was covering the Clare Blake slot over summer 15/16


And we know what happened to Kim, he disagreed on air with the anti Qld rubbish the Sydney based bully, Ray Hadley was sprouting and therefore, Kim’s fill in gig was not renewed.


2GB sued for defamation again:

When do these fools get the message? First with Alan, now with a clear mistake; defending the indefensible and costing shareholders in the process.

2GB’s newsroom misread the Herald story and reversed the claim so that it was against the minister.

Usually, such errors are corrected within the hour, not at 2GB of course.

When a TV station refers to the accused as the victim, the mea culpa follows within a couple of stories.

Why do 2GB waste so much money?


Because they make an obscene amount of money?


They have insurance… they don’t actually have to pay out all of the damages awarded against them.

The premium wouldn’t be cheap though.


Great to hear Heidi Murphy on filling in for Neil this morning. It’s refreshing to hear women on radio in the peak time shows on AW.


This afternoon’s announcement that Tony Jones will present sport on Today show on Nine means he may no longer be able to fill in for Neil Mitchell as the broadcast times will clash (Today from 5.30am to 9am, Neil Mitchell from 8.30am to midday). Who should be the stand-in host on 3AW mornings?


Heidi Murphy, Mitchell’s Senior Producer who is filling in this week.


There’s also Justin Smith who used to fill-in for Neil before his ill-fated move to 2UE


Is he really? Good on Sydney for finally recognising great GTV talent.

There’s something about him that I can’t warm to. Structurally, his show is good but something of his style isn’t quite right.


Great to hear Michael McLaren has returned from holiday and for this week is also heard on 3AW. For one horrible moment I thought we were going to hear that fool Tony Moclair.


You might like McLaren and yes, Moclair isn’t good radio, however it’s sad 3AW can’t produce its own programming around the clock.

Five AA manages to, even more viable for AW to do so.


Stephen Quartermain and Kate Stevenson are hosting 3AW breakfast this week, with Matt Granland filling in for Herald Sun’s Jon Anderson on sport.