Macquarie Radio Network (Talk)

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I’ve jokingly suggested the name “Macquarie National Nine News” before, but I wonder if there’d actually be some merit in using that as a unified TV/radio news brand at some point in the future? :slight_smile:

I agree.

Alan Jones currently has more of an association with Seven & Sky News on the TV side of things but come contract renegotiation time, I’m sure they’ll try to get him (and other radio personalities currently in a similar situation) 100% on board “Team Nine” across all platforms.


I’ll have a guess … and say that after Nine takes full ownership of Macquarie radio that they will dump the Macquarie name and the radio news will become Nine News, while keeping the 2GB, 3AW, 4BC and 6PR station names.


Interesting thought… there’s a lot of heritage tied up with the Macquarie name and given the demographic of the network there would be some backlash in Sydney. 2GB’s audience can get worked up over the smallest change.

However, outside of news, “Macquarie” hasn’t been widely used on air for decades. And outside of Sydney the news name has only been reintroduced in capital cities since the Fairfax merger.

I think you’d probably get away with dropping Macquarie… it would be a pity though, it’s a name that been part of Australian radio for nearly a century.

If you were going to change the name of the news I’d make it nameless for a period to make the transition less jarring. Drop Macquarie, make it while level for a year and then introduce the new name.


When Nine eventually takes full ownership of Macquarie Radio, it may not allow personalities from other networks to appear on Macquarie’s programs when their contracts run out. That could mean the end of Jane Bunn’s weather report on 3AW breakfast and Jennifer Keyte’s segment on 3AW afternoons, for example.


Peter Ford could be shafted totally from Macquarie radio because he appears on Seven??


Never underestimate the pettiness of Australian media executives, so it could happen.

However, if he segment is working and there’s sponsorship attached and he’s a not direct competitor nor is he appearing on another radio show, then he’s probably safe.

Most segments of that nature are probably safe. They’ll no doubt take a good look at each of them and examine if keeping them is worth it but letting people go just because they appear elsewhere seems unlikely.

Australia and NZ are the 2 markets where this level of competitive paranoia seems to flourish. In the UK and the US personalities from other networks often appear on rival channels for a variety of reasons, usually publicity related. But both sides seem to appreciate the mutual benefits.

It seems the smaller the market the greater the pettiness.


No loss there!


An example of how things may playout is with WIN and their TV and radio assets, and SCA with theirs.

Both radio networks still feature talent from other television networks.

I agree that Nine would be mad to make such drastic changes simply to push an already VERY heritage TV brand. If they do, it won’t take listeners long to get upset about it.

Just for goodness sake could we PLEASE not have another dedicated 9Honey radio show on MML stations. It was bad enough on Talking Lifestyle for the few weeks it lasted.

MY PREDICTION: Nine will leave the majority of the radio network (including branding) very much as it is. I predict the name Macquarie will still live on for radio. Only that Nine will be sharing the obvious resources (Sales, News, digital, admin staff). But in saying this, get ready for a whole heap of cross promoting.

Bring on the Watch, Listen & Win tactics!


Last Friday (December 7) 3AW launched a new one-hour show on mental health called Mindful, hosted by Justin Smith, with Salvation Army’s Major Brendan Nottle and sports psychologist Jacqui Louder. Major Nottle said the show had a strong focus on strategies to deal with mental health issues.
It will be broadcast at 7pm-8pm Fridays until January 25, plus a two-hour show from 4pm to 6pm on Christmas Day.