Macquarie Radio Network (Talk)

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The article says Burns’ current contract expires at the end of December, but he is yet to re-sign with 3AW.


Fingers cross he does.

AW bfast is the best on air duo and off air production team in the country.


In keeps Alan Jones out of the picture which is a good thing.


Macquarie Weekly actually started last Sunday and was initially discussed elsewhere on this forum.


It’s been on air slightly longer than that, started the weekend after the NRL and AFL seasons finished, iirc.


Meh, it’s the radio equivalent of a sitcom clip show… easy filler programming.


Sounds like the old NBC/Macquarie Monitor program.


Wow there’s a reference that goes way back… I know of Monitor but I never heard it.


Just listened to a 90 second audio highlight from 2GB that was padded out by two x 30 second pre-roll ads and one x 30 second post-roll ad. They are really trying to rake in the advertising dollars.


Ray Hadley had a very interesting chat to Bob Rogers on Monday to “announce” his return to radio after being off for 6 weeks due to his stroke.

It sounds like Ray is still bitter about 2UE sacking him all those years ago - and even took a dig at the Macquarie Sports Radio format, and gave the general vibe that he’d prefer 2CH to be owned by MRN over 2UE.

Bob is well past it - like any 90+ year old he was beyond understanding questions or giving answers at points.
His show is voice tracked, and he didn’t seem to fully understand that Ray’s show is live.

All up a bizare interview, but very interesting for us radio nerds.


Ray Hadley tried to goad Bob Rogers into hating on 2UE but Bob didn’t join in. It seems Rogers doesn’t hold grudges like Hadley does.

For a split second there it seemed old Bob thought he was hanging with The Beatles back in 1964.


Congratulations to Denis Walter who today celebrates ten years as host of 3AW afternoons. Great gesture by the station inviting many entertainers to record their voices and playing them at the start and finish of each ad break.



Trying to cage the parrot is like locking the stable after the horse has bolted.


Alan Jones is in hospital with severe back pain. 2GB doesn’t know when he will be back, but it looks like he will be away for an extended period.

Stephen Mayne is suggesting that Jones has gone on strike.


He’s done it before, blamed his back. An old trick from Laws


Maybe he could consider going to 2sm to retire like John Laws did :slight_smile:


Laws had almost as many retirements as Farnham has had farewells.


The crucial date for the Federal Court of Australia to consider approving the merger scheme is 27 November.

Two currently contracted employees of Nine are Luke Bradnam and Ben Dobbin.

Their SCA contracts finish in December.

Alan Jones is on ‘sick leave’.

4BC bfast since 91% of 2GB content began airing in 2015 has rated 4 - 7%. Well below par for the sole commercial talk station in an Australian metro market.

As unique as Ross and John are to Melbourne, Ben Dobbin and Luke Bradnam would make a great long term foundation show for a talk station that’s overdue for rejuvenation.

The very narrow list of topics and indulgent revisiting of them on 2GB has not excited the potential Brisbane audience.

Ben and Luke are intelligent with many opinions, often surprising opinions. They fit in well with Queensland lifestyle.

Consider the topic direction to be similar to John and Ross, the conversation topics that engage the audience rather than the hard news of the morning which can be left to mornings as is done with Mitchell, bfast to run their own agenda of entertaining stories.


Must admit I find the Sydney style of hard news breakfast unusual. Is it only since Jones came onto the scene or does it predate him?