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Did Waleed get his info from Fairfax from a couple of days ago, I wonder.

Fairfax journalists not holding back in continuing to give it to Jones.


He referenced that piece in the segment.

I’m glad Fairfax journos are being allowed to report critically on effectively one of their colleagues (albeit via MML). I wonder if Fairfax under Nine will have the same approach for when some of their TV talent eventually makes the news


They’d want to have more substance than the Michael Lallo article about audience figures, scant research, many facts omitted, resulting in a far from persuasive article.

Reminiscent of the error laden radio column Sue Javes (Kerry O’Brien’s wife) used to write that Stan Zemanek would rightly pick up on the errors on a Monday night.

Supposedly the editorial independence will continue, 9 to sign that charter which is window dressing for Fairfax journos’ usual pet projects. Guess we’ll know next time there’s a bust up among the Today shows’ touchy talent or Eddie stumbles into a gaffe or his AFL show mates.


Surely that’s not really Alan Jones’ mobile number? lol


It is… or at this point it’s probably fair to say it was


How can you in any way manage to mention Waleed and that excuse for a person in the same breath. IMO Jones is never punished because GB would fail without him. He is a disgusting human being!


They’re both disingenuous from different angles of viewpoints. Agree with your sentiments on Jones; Aly will come close if not surpass in time.


Why would he have some so identifiable like that in his mobile number?


Sorry, we’ll have to agree to disagree. In no way do I see any comparison between these two. I believe Waleed believes what he says, Jones does it for ratings and his love of the Liberal Party!


And his own business interests it seems.


You’d have to imagine that the Chaser team have very good contacts, definitely to get some of the media people having cameos/guest spots on their TV shows but particularly to get what apparently actually is/was Alan Jones’ mobile phone number.


The number isn’t/wasn’t exactly a secret.

It would be on any number of contact lists at any number of media and PR organisations.

The number quoted is obviously his work supplied phone, I suspect he has another personal number.




Correct, the big names on contact lists have a sacrificial number, many will have their private number.

Yes, can agree on that :slight_smile: I’m cynical of both Jones and Aly, they both make a business of pushing their own barrows.


Great story:

But Alan Jones is not happy.

Meanwhile the SMH reported this morning that Macquarie Media is tiring of paying Jones legal bills and is forcing him to pay some of the defamation payout to the Wagner family.

Will Hugh Marks reign in Jones or let him continue to say whatever he wants regardless of the consequences?


Paul Keating was right in rebirthing the self interest quote, he could be right with his comments loathing the Fairfax/9 merger. He could also be right on the self interest angle applied to the merged Fairfax with 9, if there’s an interest in it for 9, they’ll let Jones keep on going.

As I keep writing, it’s a fix or flick proposition for 9. Can remain a passive investor in MRN until they gobble up SCA. A pure FM metro network that in the past has reached #1 in all markets is a lot easier to invest to get right. Even with Rhys, Guy, Craig and now Grant’s multiple mistakes in Sydney.

Tossing all the fossils harboured at SCA in programming would be a good start.


According to 2GB’s website, John Stanley is now joined by Erin Molan for The Weekend Edition.


Yeah she started last week.

Another very odd pairing for John Stanley. I don’t think John quite gets younger people.


Ross Stevenson has signed a new long-term contract with 3AW, meaning he will continue to co-host the top rating breakfast show for at least five more years.

It is long-term and how long will be determined by how much the radio station and I are in love with each other. We have been in love with each other for a long time, so it may be a long time.
I am not trying to be coy but to me, in many respects, the show is there to be done (so) turn up and get on with it and don’t get distracted by other stuff.


What of John Burns?