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Exactly…he screams like a banshee the loudest so he can get attention.


For reference purposes this is how you scream like a banshee, apparently…

Kinda looks a little like Alan when he’s in full flight or is that fright…


Alan Jones apologised to Sydney Opera House CEO Louise Herron on his radio show this morning for the outburst last Friday, but I think the damage has already been done.



Meanwhile, The Chaser projected an ‘advertise here’ sign on the Opera House on Monday night, with Alan Jones’ mobile number. :joy:


They had a request out yesterday via twitter for someone to loan them a projector; and later a boat :slight_smile:


The whole Opera House issue could be worse. Thank goodness Alan Jones does not have a business interest in Pornhub or a medical institution that assists men with erectile dysfunction.


It seems projecting ads on important public buildings is ok… so it might be helpful to draw up a list of buildings and monuments that could be used.

We already have the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Chaser showed us that NSW Art Galley and State Parliament could work nicely.

Let’s go the whole hog, the Anzac memorial in Hyde Park would be perfect and the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

What’s that? Conservatives are outraged about using war memorials? But they’d make great billboards and it’s just light…


This has become a lot more serious now with death threats and security worries forcing organisers to abandon the public draw and instead conduct it early and in private.


Jones only apologised after Herron sought legal advice over Jones comments.


…or maybe 2GB are scared that advertisers might withdraw their support? Sleeping Giants has been/is compiling a list of those who air ads during Alan Jones’ breakfast program and at least one (albeit relatively small - 1300Australia) has already pulled out.

Although the group is more than entitled to express their concerns, unfortunately I’m not sure if pressuring advertisers to pull out of the Alan Jones program is really going to make that much of a difference. Coles is on the Sleeping Giants list of those who have ads airing during Alan Jones’ program and if I’m not mistaken, they pulled out of advertising during a previous Jones controversy (the aftermath of the “died in shame” comments in relation to Julia Gillard’s parents IIRC) before obviously returning once that scandal had died down.


His apology today is insincere at best. Privately he would be fuming.

Not sure why shit doesn’t stick to this prick. Time and time again he fucks up and lives to fight another day.

He certainly won’t be celebrated when he finally carks it.


I suspect he has a lot of dirt on powerful men, if he goes down (pun not intended) others will follow.


Interesting how the Opera House is deemed fine to advertise on yet imagine the outcry if same was proposed for Uluru/Ayers Rock.

Jones uses his show as an echo chamber to contribute to the news cycle thereby increasing his reach beyond the relatively small radio audience.


Waleed did one of his monologues tonight on The Project and raised a few issues regarding Alan Jones and his personal connections to this race, his financial interests and those of his business partners. I have feeling this whole thing is going to get a lot uglier and the heat us going to be applied on the politicians involved.


Those in glass houses…

Waleed is an astute mimic of Jones’ tactics. He’s the echo chamber for a younger generation, a different demo and audience and uses all the Jones tricks very well.

Australia deserves better than this simplistic media behaviour.


The next big ad for the Opera House.


‘The power station’ is hilarious. 1980’s marketing lines from Singo for station with ideas stuck in the past for an audience fast becoming ‘the past’, dropping off the perch.


Thus why I put The “Power” Station on the sails. :wink:


I know, I’ve heard the jingle, also in the 80’s.