Macquarie Radio Network (Talk)

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I seem to remember posts on the old Media Spy forums about Barry O’Farrell once calling Justin “Michael” in an interview! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Seems that Sportsday will have two different edition in Victoria on Friday nights, both hosted by Dwayne Russell, now that AFL season is over for another year. Russell hosted a live version on 3AW last night from 6.09pm (after the weather) to 7pm with Sky Racing’s Andrew Bensley, taking a number of listener phone calls. In regional Victoria there is a full two-hour prerecorded version from 6pm to 8pm, hosted by Russell and Danny Frawley.


Yeah he became Michael who? :slight_smile:

Poor bastard never stood a chance in Sydney.


George Moore and Paul B Kidd have indeed had their program extended to 2:00pm. George is feigning mild dislike that he has to work an extra hour.


This program is also on 6PR, 7:00 - 9:00pm. More networking creeping over to Perth.


Has any Perth program team lost their shift altogether or hours reduced? It’s a slippery slope.


Is it really being heard on 6PR? I am listening now at 11.10pm in Sydney and 8.10pm in Perth and there is a local programme. Somewhat of a puzzlement or perhaps I am just stupid.


The website states it was on 7-9:00pm … however it appears the program may have been live into Perth as Justin Smith took some calls from Perth listeners. He repeatedly said it was on in Perth so either it was live or he is clueless.


Thanks, perhaps he was live in Perth 4pm to 6pm. Perhaps I was one of the few that enjoyed listening to his show when he was in Sydney and I actually had the opportunity of meeting him when 2UE were doing an outside broadcast in Hyde Park on Australia Day a few years back. It was good to hear him again. Also great to listen to John Stanley on weekend afternoons and filling in during the week, like a breath of fresh air, at least Macquarie are doing something right for a change.


2019 Prediction: John Stanley to take Fordham’s place on 2GB Drive.


If Fordham replaces Karl maybe. Unlikely otherwise.


Agreed… plus John isn’t of the right political persuasion for 2GB (even though he is a great broadcaster). I don’t think John will ever feature permanently on a weekday daytime shift. I’d be pleasantly surprised if proven wrong.

More likely they’d entice Jason Morrison back if Ben were to leave.


Although that’s an interesting tip, I don’t think we’ll see Ben Fordham leave 2GB drive unless/until he replaces Karl Stefanovic on Today or receives some other irresistible promotion at Nine which would interfere with his 2GB commitments.

That and because as others have mentioned, John Stanley is more of a (the old) 2UE/ABC-style broadcaster rather than a 2GB-style broadcaster…if that makes any sense.

Jason Morrison would definitely be better presenting a talk radio program than being in charge of Seven News Sydney, that’s for sure!


Jason Morrison fits the 2GB style … which is sad as he used to be fair in his criticism when he was originally on 2UE and 2GB.


He’s still very very right wing.


Jason Morrison, Ben Fordham and Paul Murray all moved to the right and thus became more employable by 2GB and Sky.

It’s not too difficult. Listen to Alan. Pick up the talking points and run with it.

Higher power prices are a threat to living standards. Cuts to penalty rates will improve living standards. Abbott is the messiah. Any action on climate change will damage Australia’s democracy. The Opera House is a billboard. Julia is the devil. Malcolm almost destroyed the nation. Petrol prices are too high. Greyhounds eating live rabbits is the sport of nobles.

Got it? Now what shift do you want? Drive?


I though Morrison was a member of the liberal party or some shit like that. He was already very much right wing.

As for Alan… his 14 minute rant trying to defend himself this morning was like a stand up comedy routine. He’s very mentally unstable. He’s getting very fucking old… surely he will drop dead on air soon enough.


As I’ve said before and I’ll say again, Alan Jones is just a f***wit. How he still has such extraordinary ratings (with almost one in five Sydneysiders listening to his program if the most recent survey results can be trusted) and influence on Sydney/NSW in 2018, I’ve got no idea.

But since persuading Gladys Berejiklian (who I don’t hold a particularly high opinion of, but certainly not for the same reasons as Alan) to advertise a horse race on the Sydney Opera House is far from the worst thing he’s ever done, unfortunately I highly doubt there’ll be major percussions for either Jones or 2GB.


There will be no repercussions over this for Jones. Gladys Berejiklian has crumpled like a deflated soufflé in similar fashion to Mike Baird’s grovelling back down on the greyhound ban after Gloria endlessly whined.

The SMH today looked at how influential Jones is, and pretty much concludes his power is a myth. His listeners are mostly conservative 65+, with the vast majority of Sydney not listening to him and barely anyone watches Sky News. So, I ask, why do some politicians stroke his ego by standing to attention when he barks an order?


Part of the reason is because every TV network will report on those rants in the same way they’ll use grabs from key interviews like the PM et al.

Once you add in the reach of every evening news you’ve got a fair amount of influence, for better or worse.