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Thank You Very Much Sully, I Appreciate that.


Did anyone record that or is the show posted online?


No unfortunately, 3AW’s weekly Monday 2pm TV segment with former The Age TV writer Scott Ellis (usually with Denis Walter) isn’t uploaded, because (quote when I asked years ago) “the program is too large to podcast” or something like that.

Have to set your alarm to remind you to tune in, it is definitely live streamed through various platforms.


What’s this “campaign” we are referring to?


They told you a porky. Neil Mitchell’s full program of about two hours is available every day. 2GB also has full programs available.


Well NO they won’t, John Stanley commences a new weekend programme from next week and my guess it will be mainly a “Talking Lifestyle” format. Will this mean the end of NRL games on 2GB?? If Macquarie Sports Radio continues my betting is that the NRL calls will switch over.


Not a chance… Macquarie will do absolutely nothing that undermines the supremacy of 2GB and at the moment that includes NRL.

Weekend ratings are, I believe, quite healthy and there’s big sponsorship dollars tied up with the league.

The only way I can see NRL departing is if there’s a proven and sustained ratings downturn, a solid ratings performer presents itself as an alternative (and John Stanley doing lifestyle is not the answer) and sponsorship deals can be retooled for MSR at the same money (which won’t happen)


A shame about the Summer Edition getting axed. Good as a very light relief program on weekends in contrast to what usually airs on 2GB during the week.


Good round of killing off sports shows, NRL footy show axed thankfully.


This could be a good thing. For once MML may be encouraging sports fans to tune to MSR.


I can understand sponsorship, contracts and the whims of Ray Hadley but if MML were serious it should have been the case from the very start. Of course if MSR comes to an end all bets will be off


Looking at the MML results for the last year, the dividend payed by MML is pocket change for John Singleton and Alan Jones. Gloria was paid $2,666.67, while Singo got $2,214,268.20. Fairfax received $3,727,860.48 and Russell Tate and his wife Caroline got $18,305.12.


Alan Jones doesn’t like a decision relating to a promotion for the Everest horse race made by Louise Herron who is the chief executive officer of the Sydney Opera House. So Jones told Herron if she didn’t do what he wanted he would phone up NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian to get Herron sacked. Typical rant from Jones who thinks he runs New South Wales. Nothing wrong with Jones disagreeing with Herron, but he doesn’t hire and fire public servants.

Louise Herron with Peter V’landys, the chief executive officer of Racing NSW, on the Alan Jones program this morning:


I’m sure it was a fascinating topic for 4BC listeners.


Interesting that it seems there was no official statement that the Weekend Detention nonsense had been dropped or maybe shafted over to MSR. 2GB now has John Stanley starting at 2pm but no mention of what is happening between 1 and 2. Well typical of Macquarie Media I guess


Hopefully George and Paul getting one of their missing hours back.


Justin Smith is hosting a new show Macquarie Weekly across the Macquarie Network on Sunday nights from 7pm - 9pm.

As a result on 3AW the lineup is now.
Talking Health from 6pm
Macquarie Weekly from 7pm
Great Australian Lives from 9pm
Remember When from 10pm


So that’s what the former chairman of the ABC is doing next.


I think you mean Justin Smith. Both these Justins being the exception to the assertion on Family Guy that all Justins are “KEWL” and live a hard core “Justin lifestyle”.


Justin who?. I recall that was his name when he started on 2UE.