Macquarie Radio Network (Talk)

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Someone will have it on a logger in Melb.

The weekend team clearly keen on having the longest break they could:

talk break, ad block, filler music, news, traffic, whatever else, then return “top of hour”. They could’ve enjoyed close to 15 mins off.


Here you go.
3AW theme in MP3 format

Sounds like the mic was open for the first couple of seconds though.

Also have this from 2013. The loop played on the 2UE webstream instead of cricket coverage, featuring the bed of the theme.
2UE webstream cricket loop in MP3 format


This is great, thank you for uploading for this!


That jingle reminds me of the good old days of Talking Sydney.

I hope I hear it sometime again.



Paul Barry on The Project; no doubt on Media Watch next week


The judgement.

Wagner & Ors v Harbour Radio Pty Ltd & Ors [2018] QSC 201 (12 September 2018)


Chris Masters on Alan Jones’ research skills.


3AW will have outside broadcasts at the AFL Grand Final Live Site outside the MCG next week.
Wednesday September 26: Denis Walter (afternoon)
Thursday, September 27: Tom Elliott (drive)
Friday, September 28: Neil Mitchell (morning), Denis Walter (afternoon) and Tom Elliott (drive)
Saturday, September 29: Football preview from 10am to 2pm


Just remind me again… MSR is the sports station right?

So would WSFM start playing hip hop and RnB like The Edge? Or would Triple M go to RnB Fridays Live?

I don’t get why MML just won’t let sport go from its “News Talk” stations.

If a network cannot even back its product why should the listeners?


There is something to suggest, certainly in the case of 2GB that Hadley has some control, possibly his own private company calls the shots in regards to the Continuous Call Team. It will be interesting to see if after the NRL Grand Final they continue with this Weekend Detention nonsense. The whole Macquarie Sports Radio thing will go pear shape soon so it is just a waiting game now. That’s my view on things.


This book by Mike Carlton promises to be compelling reading. Looking forward to the stories about his early days at 2UE then the move to 2GB pre Newstalk, then the successful Newstalk revolution that was ultimately copied by 2UE. The move to London and back, the lamentable couple of years at Mix 106.5, the couple of years at ABC Sydney, then back to 2UE.

I’m assuming he will discuss his professional relationships with John Laws, Alan Jones, Ray Hadley and Stan Zemanek.


9 will either fix or flick.


MRN claim to have six major initiatives to impress agencies to spend with them.

The final two are very flimsy:

More like turns off than compelling reasons to spend money.


Stephen Quartermain will host 3AW breakfast this week with Kate Stevenson while Ross and John take a break.


What does he do now he’s no longer reading news for 10?

Also, did he leave of his own volition or sacked/contract not renewed?


He’s back on sports at 5


Yep, reading sport, plus he will be hosting the Melbourne cup next year too.


Nice to put a voice the the name @TheStyles83 :wink: Heard you give Darren James and Scott Ellis a call on 3AW some minutes ago, about your Seven late night ads campaign.


Momentum. It might be picked up by the Herald Sun now.