Macquarie Radio Network (Talk)

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Although I have heard Jones rant against coal seam gas mining. He goes feral. That’s a leftie cause. He tells his listeners “you can taste the fertile soil but it won’t be like that when these mining bastards have finished with it”

I would just love it if there was an angry leftie who had broadcast skills. After the same sex marriage vote it’s pretty obvious that Australia is fairly progressive.

Is it possible for someone to get mad about the reduction of some penalty rates? If 2GB goes mental about power bills I reckon there’s room for lefty anger as well.


He’s not a true conservative… he’s a populist so sometimes the left causes come in because they affect farmers.


You cannot beat Alan Jones for pure entertainment. AJ has been on a ten minute rage against Malcolm Turnbull. This included his concern that Malcolm will undermine the new government. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Alan’s morning manifesto included unfounded claims that the former PM hated charity events and likened Malcolm to Zimbabwe’s Mugabe.

I think Alan is getting closer and closer to the edge. I am so glad that John Howard brought in tighter gun control laws in 1996. These laws will help to keep the people of Pyrmont and The Toaster safe.


Belford’s favourite place is apparently his estate Charlieville at Fitzroy Falls. He does occasionally do his show from there.


Belford? Please tell me why the name Belford.

I am intrigued.


It’s his middle name.


Alan Belford-Gloria Jones.


It shows his lack of focus to the craft of broadcasting. No respect. Don’t feel like the drive from Charleville to Jones Bay Rd? No worries, get on the line and do it. Not good broadcasting, put in the effort, get into the studio unless you’re paid to promote elsewhere.


The NSW Law Society and Vodafone have pulled their advertising from 2GB after Alan Jones mentioned the n word last week. While acknowledged as serious by Macquarie, Jones has effectively been given a pat on back.


The Weekend Break returns to 3AW today with no AFL matches played this weekend.


The hosts are?

Thought one of them has been on asterisk radio (MSR)?


Grubby and Dee. Spent ages whining about plastic bags again, their so tired and out of touch these days.


Thanks, so one of them is back from MSR, surely not doing both?

As for being out of touch, ARN’s research must’ve said the same.


In November 2018 Grubby & Dee Dee wio mark 30 Years on Radio 8 of those 30 years between ARN & SCA and 2 years at 3AW yet 3aw has been bettter for the,m the fm radio i think so becyase when shane healy siigned tjem he side and may i quote., “do what you have been ding and see if the listeners like you”. and tyhe listeners toi 3AW likew tjem.


Not noticed either of them on MSR but Dee Dee was quite involved in TL. She co-hosted Mornings with Tim Webster for a while and also did other bits and pieces. She and Grubby sometimes covered for John and Garry at breakfast too.




Interesting substitutes for Hadley. Hopefully they will sound more natural than Hadley, who is terrible at reading a script. From the Macquarie syndication website:


Somehow, I’m imagining Pete & Jess presenting the Country Music Countdown in the same way they’d read the news.

Those two in a fake promotional image (with cowboy & cowgirl outfit) would probably also make for a hilarious tongue in cheek mock in the relevant thread! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Who knew those two were into country music?

Like these two?


Just wondering if anyone may have captured 3aw radio leading into the 2pm news just then? There was a full payout of the station jingle. Would be awesome if someone has it? It was the full theme probably up to 45seconds long!