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He did not touch the debate on climate change with Andrew.

He is a natural for radio. From his persona an all round nice person.


He was wasted on 954 post 2UE.


Agree with all.

So good to hear Stanley doing what he does best.


I don’t often pay much attention to what’s happening with Alan Jones’ breakfast program, but seeing the above on Seven News Sydney tonight made me wonder what that was all about and as it turns out, the show was broadcast from The Star this morning as part of some “Bledisloe Cup Breakfast” thing:


Ray Hadley is not in a good mood this morning. Just gave it to Nine’s Chris Ulhmann and some guy he called alphabet.


About this:



If Macquarie and Fairfax has any guts Jones should be sacked today.


So fucking what? Why should he be in a good mood? He has been angling for Turnbulls demise for ages. He has been secretly texting Dutton. Someone has called him out on it and then he goes on some sort of mentally unstable rant. He is a just a hypocritical vile human being.


Hopefully The ACMA will give them a few problems over how this ignorant idiot spoke today!


Yeah because Chris called him out on his BS.


Looking forward to another “outraging public decency” headline.


Now that Alan, Ray and Murdoch have gotten their way and the Turnbull Government is in its last few hours as the Liberal Party lurches to the right…I so wish that Sydney had a loud left radio station.

Not the quiet left of the ABC but a real in your face left wing station.

Right now in Australia that would be so much fun. The added talking point on this station would be Alan’s use of the “n” word.

It’s such a pity that 2UE has been forced into being a third rate, generic, community sounding sports station.

Murdoch and 2GB are right wing bullies. We need some left wing bullies to make this interesting…


2UE tried that with mike Carlton and Peter fitzimons. I quite liked it but it flopped.


In Survey 3 in 2008 2UE was rating a 7.5 share.

Ten years later and that’s their cume. Seven listeners.

Historical Metro Ratings

Ray has a very fragile jaw. Chris said it right, some of the biggest bullies. Karl knew the comment was coming, very uncomfortable for him being chums with Alan and Ray.

GB is largely ignored outside of federal politics and its ageing audience. Another desperate cry for relevance by those with ageing or dwindling audiences.

What Chris didn’t call out was Sky is more Sky opinion, yes, he mentioned Sky’s limited reach beyond the political types.

Many questioned Chris’s signing to 9 and would now have egg on their face, he’s serving it up in measured doses, as Laurie Oakes did in his own style.

That would require a complaint to be made, response received and then forwarded to ACMA by the dissatisfied complainant. That lobby group that asks consumers to request companies stop advertising with offending media outlets would have a lot of fodder with 2GB. What is it’s name?’’

Their opinions weren’t strong enough. The simplistic average is that right opinions are more polarising, stronger audience magnets which isn’t replicated with strong left views.


Macquarie Syndication website reports John Stanley will fill in for Ray Hadley from the 24th to the 28th of September. That will be a very big change of pace.

Also around that time, Alan away for two weeks with Steve Price filling in. Michael McLaren covering Price’s show. Luke Grant covering McLaren’s overnights. Chris Kenny on Money News for one week.

Neil Mitchell and Tom Elliott away at 3AW that week, covered by Tony Jones and Nick McCallum respectively.


But John Stanley is not a right wing nut job and won’t be yelling and bullying people. How will Ray allow this?


Yes, at the end of the day strong right opinions of the Sky/Hadley/Jones et al are controversial and becoming more and more niche - which means that the rusted-ons who long for the world to go back to the 50s will listen as their last bastion of what they perceive as ‘sanity’, and those who love to be outraged by such opinions will listen/garner media coverage for such opinions.

Strong left opinions are: everyone get along, treat each other right, give everyone a fair go and take care of the environment. Which whilst more popular, is way more boring to listen to.


You only have to look at how Air America went to prove that left-wing talkback doesn’t pull as big of an audience as ring-wing radio does