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It’s amazing to think that within the rather short space of 2 years, Melbourne has gone from having 2 commercial AM music stations to 0.

That means for the first time, Sydney, as well as Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & Canberra, will soon have more commercial AM music stations (albeit, only 1 for each of those cities) than Melbourne! :open_mouth:


Hmm so by my reckoning the city with the most AM (predominantly) music stations might be Toowoomba in QLD with two - 4GR (Triple M) and 4AK…? Of course Brisbane had two strong AM music stations until recently. I guess Rockhampton too with 4RO and 4CC. Just not sure how much music vs. talk is on 4RO.


MRN could bring John Blackman/Red Symons on as well onto 1278 3EE (Magic)


There have been comments made to articles about MRN and its performance (or total lack thereof) of the EE/UE/BH stations by John Blackman who has publicly written, imploring MRN to hire him for breakfast again on 1278. Yet, Blackers was not the long term host.


Macquarie Media has released their financial results for the full year to June 2018.


Someone needs to tell MML Corporate that they don’t have Magic or 2UE anymore (see their footer).


And they sold SMA last year. MML owns a marketing company Map & Page, so they should use some of their in-house expertise to fix the letter template.


Also 2CH, they don’t own that anymore…
Was signatures on emails that were still saying Magic 882, 1278 while I worked there… Guess they have just never been updated


Sad but amusing the lack of care that MML have.


In case anyone missed Alan Jones take phone calls this morning after 6am, he just took a call from a man who stated “we need to stop Muslim migration to this nation as they have slayed our police accountants” I cannot believe that this comment went to air.

Stephanie also called in and I recorded her call. Here it is:

“Alan - what are we going to do about the green left mafia and tinpot hard left Turnbull who is destroying this nation? He is the assassin to our democracy. Remember that only 70 years ago the Japanese tried to invade this nation and slice our necks with samurai swords. They tired to kill us and now have a government that is a fifth column of treacherous leaders. The Japanese might as well have won. Turnbull is destroying our Western democracy. Our schools now favour gender alignment issues over teaching maths. Our once proud military forces have now painted their finger nails pink. Australians loath this government and we are now just cattle being prodded over the edge.”

Dead set. Give this woman a show.

This is why I listen to Alan. Not since Uncle Doug, Wendy and Moon or Jono and Dano have I laughed so much in the morning. I have tears…


Stephanie is an actress caller. It’s not real.

One murder cannot define a whole religion, I agree. However I don’t like Turnbull, how he got into the PM’s chair nor his positive comments of enjoying the job. He enjoys the power, the perks, the profile that comes with PM.

This is akin to a victory lap for Turnbull, he loves turning up for the cameras, playing PM whilst telling us life is great when I and many others see a significant reduction in the quality of leadership and politics (as well as press gallery journalism) from a decade ago. We are not better off/the nation is doing well when confidence is low, investment is low and wages growth is non existent.


I reckon Stephanie is 100% real. I am guessing that she lives near Normanhurst.

She is genuine. She is white. And she is very, very angry. Alan is her saviour.


Stephanie dreams of Alan near Normanhurst?


I am sure her calls are scripted. Actually she resides in Waverton and is a retired Qantas Hostie. Long retired I would imagine.


The Daily Telegraph should do a story on Stephanie.

I can tell that Stephanie is not ad-libbing. She has written everything down - she is definitely reading excerpts from her upcoming novel - Mein North Shore.


Not that I listen to 2GB all the time, but I’ve heard Stephanie on nearly all of 2GB’s weekday shows (except Ray, who has apparently barred her). She’s off-script during the overnight shows where she gets a lot more airtime and sounds more like a typical caller.


John Stanley is filling in for Steve Price tonight.


He is more left wing. I think he agrees climate change exists. Should be interesting.


Any word on Ross Stevenson’s contract negotiations.


First 25 mins of John Stanley tonight on 2GB.