Liberal Leadership Spill - Coverage Discussion



Looks like 10 had that pause for all the network to cross to Hugh’s coverage.


Queensland jumped slightly early, end of Sandra’s throw to Hugh in Sydney was broadcast.


Peter Mitchell in Canberra for 7 News Melbourne


The ‘Last Word’ on Sky today has been a trainwreck - you’ve got Speers & Jayes having to deal with Murray going off at seemingly everything and anything preventing Dutton having a clear ride to the prime ministership


Adelaide’s Ten Eyewitness News, tonight:

Over on Seven, it seems like TT is taking a break and news will run for a full hour… according to the EPG.

As posted into the Sunrise topic, this morning’s show went live into SA from around 8 am AEST (7:30 local).


As seen on 9 Regional News


Queensland regional viewers of Nine got the normal state wide opening stories with no special arrangements. Three pre-recorded packages were shown on the Liberal situation including a commentary by Chris Uhlman.

Nine News Regional

Unfortunately I’m not home from work yet to see what type of meltdowns will be occurring tonight on sky news after dark. It will be hilarious viewing. One after the other there will be rants, yelling, tears, foaming at the mouth.


Why do you watch them? Stop amplifying them.


What did do Melbounre channle 10 do during their 5pm news.?
did they jump to sydney 5pm news?


An extraordinary frank opening commentary from WIN News Queensland tonight with national coverage from the perspective of regional Queensland.

Lincoln Humphries: “For voters in regional Queensland it means that every federal coalition MP and senator has put internal party politics ahead of our right to decide who runs our democracy.”

Later" The Queensland wrecking ball Peter Dutton coming back for another piece of Malcolm Turnbull.


7 Local News Queensland bulletins had limited coverage attempting to work out which side local members supported.


Utterly pointless. The man is an auto cue reader, not a journalist. No one will fall for this.


What is that supposed to mean?


That supposedly he has “insider information” because he’s in Canberra. If he’s not interviewing anyone aside from Seven reporters, what’s the point? No viewers will think “Oh great, Peter Mitchell’s in Canberra but Peter Hitchener isn’t, Seven must know more.” It’s ludicrous.

Hitchener looked much more authoritative in Melbourne. Having Mitchell in Canberra present B-grade crime stories from Geelong is ridiculous.


To laugh at their psychotic behavior … it’s entertaining.


Its… bad for your mental health?

Watch something informative.


WIN Queensland local news opened with national story. Extraordinary commentary by WIN on the situation, wonder if it represents their owner’s views.


Leigh Sales hosting special coverage on ABC for the second time this week.