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Not an April Fools joke.

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Yes they still play quite a bit of 80’s, Gordie will be busy doing dual programming for Brisbane on top of Sydney / Melbourne.

If they have made the Brisbane music director redundant I wonder if head office will persist with the Brisbane log long term, or go the Nova approach with one log for all KIIS stations?

Based on ARN regional they don’t have a problem with one log across their Pure Gold and Hot AC stations.


If they do it will be ridiculous. There will be 3 of the 4 commercial FM stations in Brisbane sounding identical. What a joke. If they’re trying to make radio irrelevant, that will go a long way towards it. And surely Nova entertainment might have a problem with it, having 97.3 directly compete with Nova when they also own half of it.

I understand ARN control the programming of 97.3 under the joint venture but I’d be surprised if NE have left themselves fully exposed to something like this in the terms of the agreement. If they have they’re silly.


Not his first time overseas. IIRC he was overseas with The Byron Cooke Show years back with his (ex?) wife hosting a show? I think it was in the U.S. before returning to Australia and heading to The Fox.

It will be interesting to see what happens. I’ll be listening on Monday.

If KIIS 973 has the same or similar log to KIIS 1065 then Brisbane listeners will be in for some good radio, as KIIS 1065 is a very good CHR station. B105 might see an opportunity to move to AC and adopt 2Day FM’s playlist, which includes 80s.

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It’ll also be interesting re: local content.

Does metro have to follow the same guidelines as regional radio?

KIIS106.5 will be local till 3pm weekdays.
KIIS101.1 will be “local” (but networked) from 3pm weekdays.
KIIS97.3 will be local till 9am weekdays.

That is all unless Gordie records local talk breaks for each market.

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As far as I know there is no local content requirement for metro radio.


Going back a bit here but I have to agree. I can’t see them beating Fox or Nova. Fifi, Fev and Nick are very popular in Melbourne. Jase & Lauren also gained a lot of momentum last year and I feel are more popular than ever now since they were shafted by KIIS. Personally I now find myself almost always tuning into Jase & Lauren when I’m driving in the mornings, when previously I used to flick a bit between stations.

KIIS Melbourne have also surely fallen into a slump by not having their proper morning line up all year. It feels like they have been promoting Kyle & Jackie O coming for so long (and they are still weeks away!). People are over hearing it. They have literally fed listeners to the other stations.


This is what I think he will do. If KIIS 97.3 was going to adopt the KIIS 106.5 / KIIS 101.1 music log they would have already dropped the 80’s and older songs rather than wait until 9am Monday morning.

If they axe the current breakfast show and pipe in KJO than the music playlist would change to match KIIS 101.1 / KIIS 106.5.


Just like Melbourne. Tune from Nova to KIIS and hear the same song within 15 minutes, and then the same from KIIS to Fox/Hit. And that’s no exaggeration.

If more people knew/cared about community/local radio, this would be their perfect opportunity to capitalise on it.


Completely agree here. KIIS are going to have an extremely hard time. Jase and Lauren essentially gained a lot of free publicity out of being shafted - Nova played it extremely smart.

It will be a hard fight between J&L and FF&N.


Looks like Petho was on air on KIIS Sydney and Melbourne today.

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Same talk breaks? Or recording for each market?

It looks like KIIS is doing the smooth model. Same jocks in each market.


on air schedules via websites

kiis 1065 syd

kiis 1065 mel


TWO Hour of Powers for KIIS101.1?

A bit much - especially if you’re a KIIS listener and like it for its music/drive shows and not for its brekkie show.

If KIIS101.1’s ratings dive, we’ll most definitely know why.


I think that’s an oversight. The midday session is currently on now as a pre appetite. Surely it’ll be removed once the breakfast show goes live.


Looks like 97.3 Brisbane might be getting The Night Show as well with the various changes. The program page has appeared on the website. Jess Millers page and profile have been removed. But Christian O’Connell highlights is still listed as being 7pm.

“The Night Show with Mitch Churi weeknights from 7pm on KIIS 97.3.”


Any update on Gordie on KIIS97.3 today? Has their music/positioner changed at all with his arrival?

What about KIIS101.1 with Gordie? Separate talk breaks?