KIIS Network

I’m convinced that Kyle and Jackie O would flop in the Melbourne market.


Correct. They are seen as very Sydney centric personalities. Melbourne is very much a city that prefers its home grown talent.


They’re clearly delusional if they:

  1. Think they’re worth that amount when they’re not exactly untouchable and Kyle always seems to be one comment away from saying something completely out of line.

  2. Think they appeal to the rest of the country with the slop they dish up day after day. No thanks.


I can see how they’d see it potentially as a challenge - no one has done it successfully and they have a decent enough following that there is a chance it might work (albeit microscopically small).

It’s not like they don’t have experience in broadcasting to a broader market either


They would be insane to replace Clairsy & Lisa with K&J on 96fm. That would be the death of the station. Perth always rejects ‘over east’ content, so it would not go down well. Clairsy & Lisa are rating well and are very respected in Perth.

If ARN do give K&J this deal, they really need to move 96fm to Pure Gold (they need to anyway).


Correct. A new national DAB 24-7 channel with KJO live and highlights through the day with music.


Not sure if this is their high bid with ARN to negotiate them down. But a not bad concession would be to get KJ into Melbourne from 9am following Jase and Lauren, to test the waters


Given Kyle’s ego, I’m sure he’d prefer to be live across Australia more immediately on DAB+ rather than having the network join them later in the morning.

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Put KIIS national on DAB with KJO and then localise 101.1, 97.3, 102.3 and 96FM.

If it was me I would move 96 to Pure Gold, leave 97.3 and 102.3 as hybrid Pure Gold/AC (but more towards Pure Gold) and 101.1 as AC/Hot AC.

Maybe with KJO on DAB-only it might finally give DAB some much needed traction.


I really don’t understand why ARN is so hesitant to move 96FM to Pure Gold, it is only logical.

Does anyone have any idea why they won’t do it?


Apparently more $$$ with a “national” KIIS Network than a national Pure Gold network.

Which is ridiculous as it’s not like there’s much KIIS left at 96.

I said it from day dot - KIIS96 has a good ring to it - and they can still play the same rock-skewed music.


It’s very logical, especially as they own 50% of Nova Perth.


They don’t even play the full Will & Woody or K&J. It’s literally a ten minute break that’s played.


To me it makes no sense to run different formats under the one brand. Branding is about consistency. Plus the KIIS brand is a turn off for many - especially rock listeners!


I agree. I’m not huge on stations being completely out of format with the network they are apart of, especially if there’s an option for it to be perfectly aligned.


From a national sales perspective, yes - but it all comes down to the audience you’re targeting.

I’d group stations as follows:

Pure Gold - AC stations built on 1980s-2000s, Better Music & More of It. Some stations may skew towards classic hits (Cruise) or active rock (96FM). Target audience is all people 25-54 and grocery buyers.

  • Gold 104.3 Melbourne
  • WSFM Sydney
  • 97.3 Brisbane
  • Cruise 1323 Adelaide
  • 96FM Perth
  • 7HO Hobart, Mix104.9 Darwin & AC regionals

KIIS - CHR stations, 100% hits from KIIStory to Now. Some stations (Hot Tomato) may be slightly broader but should be built on 90s-now. Target audience is all people 18-39, secondary audience of women 25-54.

  • KIIS 1065 Sydney
  • KIIS 1011 Melbourne
  • Hot Tomato Gold Coast, Hot 100 Darwin & Hot AC regionals

Oh wow. Imagine 97.3FM ditching “KIIS” and taking on the old 4KQ listeners?!


I don’t think they would ever go as old as 4KQ, but a Pure Gold 97.3 based on WSFM with some new music included would be a clear No.1 in Brisbane IMO. Probably 15 or 16%


But it’s brand heritage though - a rebranding to KIIS 96 probably would be received negatively with the listeners.

96FM belongs on Pure Gold, if they want a national KIIS network, throw it on DAB+ until ARN can buy another station after the FM conversions happen.


Heartbalm radio clearly works in the state of the multi coloured taxi. Henderson and Sandilands are best to stick to their shock factor smutty breakfast on 1065.