July 2020 - Ratings Delay

Availability of overnight ratings will be delayed

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TFW when @MrTVAus hacks the mainframe


This is very serious

OzTAM statement

Nielsen has advised OzTAM of an unexpected disruption relating to their Australian TV Audience Measurement (TAM) data centre environment.

Tuesday’s TV viewing data will be collected and processed once functionality is restored.

This means that overnight data for Tuesday (July 21) will be delayed.

Nielsen is working to resolve this matter swiftly and is keeping us informed. OzTAM will forward Tuesday’s ratings reports when available.

I blame China. I suspect they have a vested interest in ensuring Big Brother gets another season so hacked the data centre to pump up the numbers. It would certainly explain why there is evidence anyone is watching that tripe.


They could get regional radio ratings provider GfK to randomly call 1,000 people to ask them what they watched last night.


Agreed they clearly provided all materials for the house this year!

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Are you sure it’s not Russia? They’re upset that Ten have had success with Masterchef and Seven with Big Brother to the detriment of their Channel Nine sympathisers.

… they are joking.

However, someone clearly did something. China and Russia seem to hack to cause disruption.

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Great “exclusive” by The Australian :roll_eyes:


We need the Australian Signals Directorate onto this. :grinning:

There is already a federal agency called Australian Cyber Security Centre.

Update from OzTAM

We’re sorry to inform you that delivery of TV ratings data remains unavailable.

Nielsen has confirmed that all households are still collecting viewing data and that referencing sites have not been impacted.

Nielsen’s global and local infrastructure teams are currently working to resolve the issue as fast as possible and are keeping us informed.

I reckon ratings data may not be released until this weekend. And will several days of data be released in one go?


It’s just my guess. It will take a couple of days to fix the hack.

They are the same organisation. From the website:

Just letting you know Nielsen has confirmed a cyber attack to me.

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Good interview. Nice view.

TV Tonight reckons the delay in releasing ratings data will extend into next week.