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I’m also a less frequent poster than most here, I shouldn’t be banned just because I don’t post as often.


:fu::fu::fu::fu: :wink:


Correct. It should not be considered. :wink:

Now, if you’re arguing that some members should lose emoji reactions privileges, there’s a different argument. I also find it particularly annoying that certain members use those reactions as a form of silent flame warring, but if that’s the worst a forum can do in 2019 then I’m happy to liberal minded and accept the status quo (since it can be easily ignored and doesn’t hinder discussion)


The man’s name is “Nock”.

Look, without going into too much detail the reaction system has been discussed at staff-level in the past few weeks. Those discussions are continuing.


I personally don’t think it would be fair or appropriate to punish those who follow forum guidelines just because they post less regularly than I do.

However, I wouldn’t be entirely against the idea of members on mod queue loosing their like/emoticon privileges.


Good of you for sharing On air, thank you. Interesting.

I was being genuine with my comment by the way to others who attacked me, I understand my past, but my point was more about me noticing Mitchell clicking the ‘shit’ emjoi to just about everything and thought I’d raise.




I’m not in favour of a blanket rule of this nature - there needs to be a level of staff discretion in determining whether the interactions are appropriate or not

So it turns out you can’t (at this point) revoke someones emoji privileges on an individual basis - that said as @OnAir mentioned we’ve been discussing the functionality for a while now - i’m leaning towards removing it, I dont think it’s added anything particularly valuable to the discourse (pardon the pun)


Agree, I find it annoying and prefer to just like posts as I see fit.


Ran into this issue a fair bit recently


Not for me. Even when I critique MKR I get a like.

But I have to admit the poo emoji is quite annoying. There are a few members here that use it and its just a cop out in my opinion. I believe if you don’t agree with something say it don’t just use a poo emoji. I think you are also one that uses it quite often.

Yeah I agree. I don’t think it has added anything valuable to the way we interact in the forum.


The poo emoji has been flushed.


:poop: Not completely. He’s a floater. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can see where you are coming from. However, I don’t think it’s appropriate nor fair to actually ban members if they don’t post for 1 year. One should freely be able to decide when they want to access the site and interact.

Maybe if an account has no interaction activity the account could be deactivated until the member decides to log back in, or an email could be sent asking if they want to deactivate the account as they haven’t been active in 1 year.


Okay, in retrospect, perhaps I could’ve worded it better to make it sound less unfair.

Where i was coming from was members (admittedly there aren’t many) who are just observing MS rather than engaging, which yes isn’t a crime, but especially if constantly just clicking (for example) the poo emoji.

Anyway that emoji at least appears to have been sorted, so all good :slight_smile:


I’m sure our silent observer friends in the industry have been enthralled at this discussion on the poop emoji. Cheers Sully.


:poop: always makes you :joy:


Could be worse. We’re up to tummy piss in that other thread


I don’t normally use the laugh react but damn son


I’ll take my Media Spy award now thanks


What happened to the Word Association Game thread? Am I severely blind? Can’t seem to find it.