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I knew that After Dark thread was a bad idea.


Don’t be afraid.


Not sure what’s happening here - I’m guessing something’s changed in the forum software

I’ve been looking into this one - things have become stable at again which is good


Thanks, still the same that details are missing.


I makes a change to see an ad that is site-appropriate :slight_smile:


You must have been googling a lot of ballroom dancing.

Lately I was checking prices of TVs and suddenly every promo is for TVs and DVD players.


Is it possible to change a username?


Write to a forum administrator.


Looks like the icons have been restored.


Thank the lord.

Looks much cleaner this way.


A year ago this week, I hastily left MS, after genuinely wanting a break (not knowing if I’d come back) and accused constantly of being someone I am clearly not.

Conveniently in between the end of pyeongchang and the start of gold coast, as they were two big events of coverage in the forums here, just a coincidence, but thankfully.

I am glad I regret doing so and have always and will always love MS :slight_smile:

Even though I’m online a lot less, post a lot less and in a lot less forums and respond a lot less. Also not having a DP to help enforce the more ‘casual’ nature of my presence now and not make myself as prominent.

And thanks most of all to the mods @Bort @OnAir @TelevisionAU @WAtvVideos @Squee @NewsWeary for deciding to take me permanently off Moderation Queue in reflection of my legitimate changes in effort to obey forum policy and slowing down, as well as honoring what I said a year ago since coming back :heart:

Just wanted to say that y’all.


Poor @bacco007




And @bacco007. Whoops, very sorry :slight_smile:


Too late :cry:


I see a mod queue coming up :joy:


Noooo :sob::sob: Sin bin for Sully.


Sorry about the double post, but I couldn’t edit due to a “502 error”

Changing pace… I notice “Mitchell Nock” actually keeps engaging very regularly, in the form of just using the ‘like’ or emoji buttons.

Should a new rule not be considered by mods, to ban MS members from any form of forum interaction who haven’t posted/commented anywhere once for many months, if not a year?

And most of his seem to be pointless, judging by the endless :poop: emojis to anyone who dare criticise Seven, etc. To the point of just being vexatious (whoops, MS blacklisted word :see_no_evil: :wink:)


Woah! You’ve just come off the moderation queue and you’re already attacking other members? :open_mouth:


Would you have been banned last year then? I would have been banned a couple of years ago too under your proposed rule.