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Cheers, just need to add the 10Bold and 10peach threads to the tags. Sorry if I’m being a pain.


I like this idea.


I need to tweak it, but here you go :smile:


I like it!

Thank you!

I might even keep this on 24/7.


I have a question that someone may be able to answer. Is there anywhere on this site where we can go to see which comments have attracted over ten likes?

I would love it if I could easily access the popular comments.


Nice replies have 10 or more likes

Good replies have 25 or more likes. This is the real top shelf shit.

Nobody has yet managed a great reply, which requires 50 or more likes.

Oh, and if you go to the Badges menu (via the three stacked lines up in the top right), you’ll see which of your posts have met the criteria.


Only 47 more to get on this one, @Bort !


Great! It works well on Opera.


Thanks Bort.

Tonight I am going to lay in bed and read through all the Nice Replies and Good replies on Media Spy. This is my idea of heaven.

The Random Mocks and Network 10 threads seem to be the most likely to gain a lot of likes.

Meanwhile my question has received no likes and Bort’s reply has seven likes. Sometimes I feel unwanted.


That’s what happens when you bring problems instead of solutions :stuck_out_tongue:


Now I feel like my likes in the previous comments are “pity likes”.


In Media Spy Awards we could add “Most Liked Comment”.


I can’t see my icon in the top-right corner! Although it still works as usual when I highlight and click on it, but still doesn’t show up.


Does it appear if you touch the screen and scroll down?


I also can’t see my icon in the corner, was fine yesterday but it’s not there today.


I can’t see any icons for members who have not uploaded an image (instead of the default first letter of their name).


Clicking on the love symbol to check who liked my comment, some users disappear, not showing everyone.