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You can always change your tracking to Normal so you don’t have to look at the discussion.


Can we possibly open up the 10 2019 thread again.




Discourse have added the ability to adjust the text - if you dont like the size, you can change it yourself in your settings (click your avatar then the cog)

“Smaller” seems to make the size similar to what it previously was


Those scam ads are starting to get confusing

A $2,000 Woolworths? That’s awfully cheap for a supermarket chain franchise!


Yes, very poorly written!


Quick question, what do the columns of members’ avatars mean?

The last one is obviously the person who most recently posted in the thread… but I can’t work out the criteria for the others. Are they simply members who’ve posted a lot on that particular subject?


I’ve just discovered if you hover over the avatars it tells you:

First avatar is the original poster
Next three are frequent posters
Last one is the most recent poster


Ah ok, that’s interesting and makes sense.
I’m using an iPad, I don’t think I can hover… at least I don’t appear to be able to… perhaps my finger touch is just too heavy :thinking:

split this topic #1596

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I feel like we should revise the FAQ. Is “Ayr (near Townsville)'s terrible television reception” a dead meme yet (and no one jokes about The Goldbergs)?


What in the fuck is going on here.

To be fair, I’m seeing issues, but no ideas or suggestions of any merit.


OK, here’s a suggestion I hope is of merit. Can we get rid of the “Voting in the Media Spy Awards is now Open” banner now that it has closed and the awards given out?

That said, I really hope the Media Spy Awards will return at the end of this year. It was fun having them back for 2018/Early 2019 after a number of years off! :slight_smile:


Your wish, my command etc. Media Spy After Dark


Is there any way to change the One and Eleven tags to 10Bold and 10Peach ?


Do you mean on your TV?
If so, I suggest you rescan your TV and it will automatically change the names.


No, I mean the tags on here…


Oh my bad, I see :slight_smile:

Yes the tags on the Network Ten category are out of date.




Suggestion, would it be possible to arrange a ‘night view’ version of the Mediaspy interface? Would help for tired eyes.