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You’d love it! :rofl:

It’s now my avatar, just to give Bort the s##ts.


It contains too much MSG? :thinking:

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Hey guys what happened to the mobile site?
It loads for a second but then automatically reloads to a weird version of the desktop site.


Hi all.

Just noticed at work I get an error when I try to login using Facebook.


how about now?


Working now, cheers

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Is there a problem with Media Spy at the moment?
I’m having problems posting comments, scrolling down threads and searching.
I have the same issues on desktop and mobile.

The software powering this discussion forum encountered an unexpected problem…

Internal Server Error

Sorry, we couldn’t load that topic, possibly due to a connection problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, let us know.


I had the same problem as JBar for most of this afternoon.


I’ve had the issue for a couple of days already.


I’ve had the same problems a few hours ago and they’re occurring again now, regularly getting 500 errors and those connection errors mentioned above by JBar. When I press on ‘last reply’ or scroll the post bar to the bottom, it goes back to the first post.


There seemed to be an outage for a while at lunch time today. Are we about to have a major crash/outage?

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The site went down and while I was half way through preparing for a reboot came back up again. (It had been a while since I’d rebooted last)

There doesn’t appear to be a lingering issue, at this stage


I don’t know why I’ve been treated to a endless phase of getting posts accepted by mods (since the Ballina getting Brisbane channels posts in Digital TV General Discussion thread). Also, the mods don’t want to accept messages I post here about this problem, so here’s image proof…


Probably because your posts needs moderation before they’re deemed appropriate to be posted?


You mean the post where you cited a Wikipedia entry about Ballina getting Brisbane channels, shortly after you had edited said Wikipedia entry?

It’s not a problem. Your posts are on mod queue for approval. That can change if we deem it do satisfactory to do so.


I just got a banner ad for a car yard in Tamworth, nearly 300 kms from me.

I know we have no control over the advertising, but hadn’t noticed any attempts at “local” ads before, and wondered whether there are cookies that pick up my location to help place “local” ads, or how this might work?

Has anyone noticed anything similar with local ads?


After I was up in Cairns last year I started to get ads for a few FNQ businesses.

Now, this wasn’t particularly effective since I had been back in Melbourne for 3 days at this point, but it was a nice touch

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Thank you to admins for locking a thread about a Youtube show within the Media sub forum.

Thankfully the sub forum isn’t littered with other YT shows since.

Level of discussion was of a useless quality anyway.

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There is no reason why popular and discussion-worthy content distributed on Youtube can’t be discussed in that forum.

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