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You’d love it! :rofl:

It’s now my avatar, just to give Bort the s##ts.


It contains too much MSG? :thinking:


Hey guys what happened to the mobile site?
It loads for a second but then automatically reloads to a weird version of the desktop site.


Hi all.

Just noticed at work I get an error when I try to login using Facebook.


how about now?


Working now, cheers


Is there a problem with Media Spy at the moment?
I’m having problems posting comments, scrolling down threads and searching.
I have the same issues on desktop and mobile.

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I had the same problem as JBar for most of this afternoon.


I’ve had the issue for a couple of days already.


I’ve had the same problems a few hours ago and they’re occurring again now, regularly getting 500 errors and those connection errors mentioned above by JBar. When I press on ‘last reply’ or scroll the post bar to the bottom, it goes back to the first post.


There seemed to be an outage for a while at lunch time today. Are we about to have a major crash/outage?


The site went down and while I was half way through preparing for a reboot came back up again. (It had been a while since I’d rebooted last)

There doesn’t appear to be a lingering issue, at this stage