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I always did… Until now? Weird.


Yes, but not for that post. It had only just clicked over to 10 likes today.


I think you only get one notification per badge


I’ve had a number of these “Nice Reply” badges before, for different posts.

As below.


Seriously, I don’t know how the TV Commercials thread is without a subcategory. Should we place it in “General Television Topics”?


@Bort has called an extraordinary meeting of the mods for this afternoon and he wants blood.


Has he tried a pathology place or the blood bank? :rofl: They should have plenty of blood. :rofl: :rofl:



Can we dispense with the santa hats now and perhaps break out the bunny ears? I realise Easter is four months away but it hasn’t stopped Coles and Woolworths from stocking hot cross buns on their shelves two days after Christmas.


But first, I think there should be fireworks exploding out of heads for new year’s eve.


Like this?


Lucky, I didn’t have lasagne for lunch. :face_vomiting:


Any chance of a sad emoji being added, wanted to add that to the Penny Cook news in the Dispatches thread but instead had to like it which I remember on Facebook always caused massive debates before the other emotions were added.
So for the record, I liked that post as an acknowledgement because I thought haha, eyerolling or poo were inappropriate.


I was going to keep the santa hats until the end of the month - happy to remove them now though, any major objections?


try now


Perfect! Thank you!

Thanks for the perfect time to first use it!


Another suggestion for your consideration. We already have a heart emoji on the “like” button.

If it’s possible to remove the heart emoji in the emoji list, can we replace it with a “thumbs down” :-1: sitting next to “thumbs up” :+1: ?


To further this, I don’t see the need to have the +1 and the <3 reacts when theres the like post heart itself. there’s something somewhat annoying seeing the +1 and the like hearts and hearts, especially when they all have the exact same sentiment.


I’d also like to see the laughing out loud with tears guy instead of the dry laughing out loud with no tears, therefore totally faking the lol, guy.


This hasn’t got attention yet, so should we tell @mubd about it?


Uh, sure why not.