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Hey, is there any possibility of relaxing the ‘3 posts in a row’ limitation in certain scenarios? I wanted to post in the Adelaide Carols topic with a list of artists and the broadcast time (for 7 Adelaide). My last post in said thread was back in July. If this forum platforms allows, perhaps the ‘3 posts in a row’ rule could be ignored if the last post is older than a certain period of time (e.g. 1 month).

Alternatively would someone be willing to reply to the topic and then I can post the 2018 details :slight_smile:


Post away.


Thank you! :grinning:


There should be a special title for those who would fall under that banner. :rofl:

Suggested titles:
Old Fart
Old Timer
Media Spy Pensioner
I Remember The Test Card


Ok you might notice a new button - it allows for a more “facebook style” reaction

We’ll see how it goes, if you abuse it - I’ll remove it


Like the new styles of ‘like’ button personally.


Yes. Don’t just reply to my posts with the poo emoji. :joy::joy::joy:


I can imagine one ex-member reacting appropriately using these emojis when they see comments they don’t like (in particular the Seven topics) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m reading on an iPhone and I can see the new emoji button but it doesn’t register when I select a reaction…

EDIT: Seems to be working now… it seems I can also express opinions about my own posts…


These are great. Although I feel an important one is missing which would get a lot of use: :roll_eyes:


Try now


Maybe we need eggplant :eggplant: as well… just sayin… it seems popular amongst some members


this is fantastic! is there any way to have a count of reactions in total a la the like count next to the heart button?

edit: no notifications for reacts


Angery time!
Looks great, hopefully you can play with the alignment though so that it’s inline with the other buttons :+1:


Do I get some sort of badge or recognition for suggesting an innovation that has had such a big impact on MediaSpy?

When I say big impact, it’s all relative of course, so many people on here seem to get eggplant (:eggplant:) excited over the smallest pixel change to a graphic on TV, so the introduction of emoji reactions would seem important.

But perhaps I’m being churlish? :grinning:


It looks like it’s meant to have a counter as the little box expands when more than one member uses the same emoji.


hi mark, I hope you love these as much as your instagram face filters.

ah right, I gathered that’s what that space was. must be a bit of a bug on Discourse’s end then.


Now you can see how many poop emojis someone gets pretty easily


I can also give my own posts an emoji, not sure if that can be changed?


Can we get a wow react?