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With two baubles at the base? :wink: :rofl:


yes, flashing ones at that :grin:


We don’t want you flashing your baubles at us. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hope my hat isn’t above yours then. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sure must have been asked before, but does the software offer variations of the “like” button similar to Facebook?

“Like” is good, but it would be handy to be able to offer a laugh, wow, anger, vomit etc reaction.

I suppose you can always reply to a post with an appropriate comment or emoji but sometimes that seems a bit of a waste.

I know, first world problem, but I like to be helpful.


I would definately support the A N G E R Y movement.


I’ve been looking at an option we could trial


It would certainly save some time for me, using an emoji instead of my trademark sass.


The wink emoji but it’s Rob Brough


Ironically this is a situation where the “like” button would have sufficed


I should have put money on sevens network schedule being closed. I think that would have gone for good money.


I was randomly brainstorming the other day, thinking how cool it’d be it MS members could be assigned a rank? I mean forum websites globally have titles (like moderator, etc) but they’re more ‘positions’ as to their role.

But a special rank, for a bit of fun but serious intentions as well as to level of seniority and/or years served would be awesome :slight_smile: Any possibility, even for 2019?


Anything really, but you could go by Police Commissioner, Deupty Commissioner, Superintendent, Sergeant*, etc.

Or just Captain or Chief, Lieutenant, etc.

MS used to have seniority ranks, I think @bacco007 was up there, as was @bort. Jezza? Anyone remember those years?


surely the plane and Israel reacc would be better than the ANGERY reacc for peak shitposting?

that or the 3D, rotating version of the :thinking: emoji


It would be even better if would could rank each member from time to time and they go up and down the list - ie 20 of 330 sort of thing. For sure I would be ranked lowly.


Though on what basis would a rank operate on?

Number of posts in the last X number of days?
Number of likes received and/or given?
Length of membership?

Or some magical “Duckworth Lewis” type formula that nobody really understands ( as used in cricket in rain affected matches) taking into account all of the above and more?


Way back in my lurking days, for a while anyway, MS used to have ranks.

From memory there was, in order of seniority, something like;

Managing Editor

Or very similar to that, the positions based on positions within a newsroom.

As I recall it wasn’t too popular. People didn’t hate it or anything, it just didn’t really catch on. There was no special privileges or benefits, maybe that could make a difference?


We tried sending Newsweary and TVAU around to lecture highly ranked members on “the good old days” but the feedback was not good.


The ranks have been replaced in some respect by the badges you get awarded


Ah the good old days when Mr Q ran MS like a corporation and there were titles like CEO :sunglasses: