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this woulda been a perfect time for Dickie’s Christmas Balls to be hidden around the site.


Just not in the WIN Television thread, we all remember how much Bruce hates balls.


He is fine with just one big ball, but just not balls (plural).


oh love the santa hat! :smiley:


My santa hat has gone now. My head is cold.


I can’t sustain the 25 days of happiness that is supposedly required of me each December.

Also, Mariah Carey makes me want to cut my ears off.


What about this


Try filling them with cheese. That might work better. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Watch her with the sound down then. That gives me tingles.


I recommend Kevin Bloody Wilson.


Back on a PC and it’s back again! Must not be showing up on mobile devices?


Haha the Santa hat looks good at the top right profile image, but its a bit excessive on every post.

Nonetheless, Merry Christmas everyone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m not seeing this Santa hat?


Are you on a mobile device?


Santa hats don’t show on mobile.


Santa is simply conserving his energy for the end of the month so he’s currently not as mobile as he will be.


I see a pattern going on here, 2 hats turn to the left and then 1 hat turns to the right


Hadn’t noticed! I saw they went different ways between people but I didn’t realise my hat itself swung both ways, so to speak.


we’re very open-minded :blush:


I would like mine to point straight up!