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Yep feel the same here.


Now it’s worse with the slight boldening.


Yeah, it would be good if there was something like the old vault where all the caps were compiled together.


I like the new font.


@bacco007 Any truth to the rumour you plan on changing the name of the site to Media Peach?


I hear several members already have photos of on-air talent rear ends ready to post in celebration of the relaunch


How about MediaSoy? MediaBoss? MediaWIN? MediaNudes? :joy:


Is the personalities forum returning? :thinking:

Mobile users should be right to switch back to mobile view now. Apparently the missing topic display was an unintended change in the new version which has been sorted.


Hopefully BUCKIE comes back.


Dear MS powerfuls,

Please change back the mobile header if possible (where it disappears until you touch the area), very annoying.

Yours truly,

Sully (a loyal and respectful user) X x :kissing_closed_eyes:

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My favourite thing about MediaSpy is the closing of topics. I think we should put some bets on for the next one to be shut down.


Actual monetary bets or fake ones? :rofl:



I put my bets on all the Channel 10 ones. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

closed #1376


Which one closed?

opened #1378


I’d love to see the mods go a bit rebellious and do a Judge Snyder from The Simpsons and just say “I’ll allow it” for comments that should be moderated but aren’t ( :wink: get it, cause in Simpsons he literally gets asked stupid requests and agrees all the time!)




Judge Snyder, motion to declare a writ of boys will be boys