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Yeah, I had that hideous font on iPad too.
I have another new one right now on Android tablet which is interesting, a little hard to read but not too bad.


I like the font on my Android mobile. It will just take a while to get used to it.


pls be the vault pls be the vault


Was starting to think Mr. Mal Ware funked around with my browser settings.




Bacco you ignorant slut, tell us whats changing


what ever happened to the media gallery site that was gonna be like the old vault?


And ruin the surprise? Not a chance


Sorry if I missed the answer amidst all the hilarity and commentary on the sluttiness of an admin… but has the font actually changed and can I change it back?





Must remember to read properly; thought you were suggesting the new font was slutty.


Can a font be slutty? I suppose it depends on what you write with it :thinking:
It’s an interesting and strangely provocative concept…



Please continue being slutty… ignorant or otherwise :sunglasses:


If it’s pink and has a lot of makeup and lipstick on it, then yes.


It’s probably getting up close and personal with the other letters and most likely the numbers too… and a provocative use of bold wouldn’t go astray.


And don’t even get us started on italics


And strike through baby :heart:


You tart


The font is ever so slightly unreadable.


Yes, most sluts can be until you have a chat with them.