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Yeah, not a fan. Hopefully we can go back to the previous layout as an option.


This is awful, please please please put it back to normal!


There looks to be an option to switch between “Desktop view” and “Mobile View”’ (on my tablet) - click on the 3 line square between the magnifying glass and your avatar and down to bottom of that.

Do you get that on your mobile? Does that fix it?


Thanks. Well at least that gives you the box on the right although down the bottom of your mobile.

Having all the threads together makes the groupings redundant though.


I visit MediaSpy on my laptop and I don’t have that option.


Unfortunately it appears to be a bug in the new software version affecting mobile view.

Desktop users should now be able to see popular topics on the home page. Mobile users can switch to desktop view - the display isn’t perfect but it’ll do until a fix comes through


Lol I don’t even use the front page. I default it to latest :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here


I’m getting this on desktop


I seem to be seeing a new font?


Is it just me or did the font change?
Did I hit a button somehow?
How do I change it back? It seems to be Times New Roman now… which I hate!


No font change for me (on Android mobile).


Interesting, definitely a font change on my iPad (using desktop configuration) but no change on my iPhone (using mobile config)… is that even possible?

I’m sure a tech guru will explain or tell me what I’ve done.


Think mine just did.



Media Spy iSnack 2.0 ?


I just noticed this change, at the very top the thread hierarchy now appears?


Font has changed for me; slightly different on different PCs. You can adjust the default font in most browsers if you want.


Yeah there is some new stuff! - and something that you wont see for a few weeks yet :hushed:


@Bort’s nudes?