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Opera blocks out all the ads, so I get none.


Am I supposed to be getting UK ads on here? I am clearly in AUS and don’t have any VPN’s active.


We dont control the ad content - Google chooses the ads, quite often based on your browsing history


Sex toys? Usually I’m being told I’m not getting enough. If any.:joy:


It’s funny because Nobody in the household has been looking at Decks and Fences yet an AD comes up and for the UK too.


I’ve already run out of likes and it’s only 8AM :frowning:

Any way it can be lifted??? :stuck_out_tongue:


You’ve already done 50? :astonished:

I’ve upped the limit.


I liked too many posts yesterday so they haven’t refreshed yet.
Thanks for that :clap:


I reckon the 50 limit should be “net” likes (likes given less likes received)

So for every like you get, that comes off your limit of 50



Does unliking earlier likes return those likes to your daily allocation of likes?


All the individual topics seem to have disappeared?


Scroll to the right. You will see them. Is that because you’re on mobile?




Yep getting the same issue


Same here.


Yes on Mobile, nothing to the right





:rotating_light: RELAUNCH? :rotating_light:


not sure if its a bug or a feature in the latest version - investigating