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We also found out that you have spent the last year or so defacing media articles on Wikipedia with misinformation. We thought it would be best to monitor your posts before they were published so our members aren’t mislead and threads aren’t turned into dumpster fires like the Wikipedia Talk pages about you. You can continue on if you like but only as a queued member until we are satisfied you can be trusted on your own.

We can’t actually delete accounts as it would fragment discussion in the threads, but you can always exit quietly.


I wonder how the forum software determines what ads I see… As I just got this Telstra one in a foreign language. I can only read English. I thought that was weird. Has anyone else had one like this?


I think it’s google that selects the ads to display?

I’ve been getting heaps of ads for a venue remind me to book my Christmas party… in Brisbane. How they’ve decided those ads are for me in Melbourne I’ve no idea


I’m in Sydney but my work has its headquarters in Melbourne. When I use my work computer, I see ads for businesses in Melbourne.


Don’t screw around at work.


I can multi task. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just gave @TV.Cynic a apology message about that “offending” i did to him. Hope he replies!


hi yes hello, come the 1st of November or whatever are we gonna get another news evolution thread like we did in 2011 since it’s gonna be a whole clusterfuck of posts lmao


Might be worth having a Network 10 Relaunch 2018 thread?


It’s a Telstra ad in simplified Chinese about a 120GB mobile data plan for iPhone X. First time I saw the ad too, it had never appeared on my mobile.


Any update on fixing the jumping of threads whilst reading them? It seems to be getting worse on mobile, reading the site and the thread jumps back 10 posts or down the thread. :slight_smile:


I refer to my previous statement on the matter


Ah thanks. I did have a look but the jumping of the thread must have slipped this post… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Ah well hopefully one day it’s resolved by an update, It really seems to be getting worse.


I thought the jumping was caused by the insertion of ads.


It did seem to start happening around that time and the frequency of ads between posts?


It appears to be - the insertion is handled by the forum software


Something freaky, I has an ad on MediaSpy (mobile webapp) for “” advertising two DVDs… And those exact two DVD titles I had Google searched in recent days! I nearly fell off my chair :open_mouth:

Surely some smart software or something, to apply to users likes?


It’s Google Ads.
So anything you search on Google will be used to show you specific ads.


Which is why so many of you see ads for porn websites and sex toys


That, my friend, is called not using incognito :wink:
I get ads for midgets instead. Oh…